Social media is emotional. And never more so than in travel. That’s why we’ll be sharing new insight into how consumers talk in emotions in tweets, instas and everything in between, at the next big TTI conference.

The Travel Technology Initiative (TTI) conference takes place in London in March. In fact, the whole event talks about emotions in travel marketing and customer relations – delving into the tools that help your brand make that ever sought after emotional connection with buyers.

Katy Howell, our CEO, will be joined by James Lemon, the innovation and strategy lead at Intercontinental Hotels Group, Darren Khan, CEO at Travlrr, and speakers from companies including Inspiretec, Sinch and Optimove.

Katy says: “Bringing the emotional into your social marketing makes all the difference in a noisy market with over 70m+ travel conversations. It is a way to connect to consumers, grab attention and drive action. In our experience it is the core in your strategy to deliver business impact.”

She’ll be sharing data insights from a review of travel conversations across last year. It’s a chance to really understand how consumer behaviour has changed on social and what you can do to follow the new trends for better connected social.

You can grab a place by registering, or if you are a brand, get in touch with immediate future for a free guest place by tweeting @IFtweeter