Luxury chocolate brand embarks on online PR campaign to further maximise audience reach and engagement on the web

Hotel Chocolat Easter Hamper Hotel Chocolat today launches an online campaign designed to drive traffic to the website in the lead up to Easter. The competition is part of a wider online PR campaign, developed by immediate future PR, to further enhance Hotel Chocolat’s online presence.  The Online Easter Egg Hunt incorporates blog relations and SEO PR to maximise brand exposure.

Key facts
Hotel Chocolat launches online Easter Egg Hunt with bloggers

  • First time Hotel Chocolat engages with bloggers
  • Blog readers follow an online trail which deciphers a password that onlocks a virtual Easter egg
  • Blog readers get a chance to enter and win one of twenty luxury easter hampers
  • The term ‘ virtual Easter egg’ refers to a hidden feature on a website
  • Free delivery on Hotel Chocolat good offered to all entrants

Chris Bishop, Online Marketing Manager for Hotel Chocolat explains the thinking behind the campaign, “This is Hotel Chocolat’s first foray into Online PR and with a large percentage of our business already generated via the website we are keen to develop a clear brand presence online. The competition element of the overall campaign offers the perfect platform to expand Hotel Chocolat’s online reach by sparking intrigue and consumer engagement.”

Participants are asked to follow an online trail to complete a seasonal puzzle, which once deciphered reveals a password that unlocks a ‘virtual Easter egg’ and gives entrants the chance to win one of twenty luxury Easter Hamper.

Inspired by the traditional Easter egg hunt, a ‘virtual Easter egg’ refers to a hidden feature on a website and it is this correlation which adds an unusual twist to the competition.  Participants that successfully complete the puzzle gain exclusive access to a secret element of the Hotel Chocolat website, where they can enter the free draw to win a Hotel Chocolat Easter Hamper.

“The competition is designed to motivate target online influencers to engage directly with Hotel Chocolat.  Bespoke competitions have been secured with an array of influential bloggers and website editors to further increase online buzz surrounding the brand.”
Graham Lee, Account Director at immediate future

Graham Lee continues, “The campaign is further supplemented with SEO PR to gain search engine visibility and increase the amount of positive and wide-spread online coverage for Hotel Chocolat.”

In addition to the luxury Easter Hampers on offer, every person that successfully breaks the ‘virtual Easter egg’ code will win free delivery on any order from the entire Hotel Chocolat range.  The Hotel Chocolat Online Easter Egg Hunt will close on Monday 2 April.

Editor’s notes

About Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat, the UK chocolate retailer, was founded over ten years ago by entrepreneurs Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris with a vision of making chocolate exciting again for UK consumers bored by the mediocrity of what was available in supermarkets and on the high street.

Using quality, authentic ingredients is an ethos that has been fundamental at Hotel Chocolat since the beginning and the ‘no nasties’ approach bans the use of additives such as hydrogenated vegetable fat and artificial colours in order to let the pure chocolate flavours and aromas through.