Having sophisticated social analytical tools is a must if you’re serious about social. But having a tool and knowing how to squeeze the pips out of the data is quite another thing. So we’ve made sure we’re all independently accredited in social analytics.

The immediate future client teams have taken the training, sat the exam and every person has passed. immediate future is now BrandWatch Certified.  Hurrah!team training

“Mining the vast volumes of social data requires analytical skills beyond just plugging into the tools”, says Theresa Santos, Account Director at IF. She continues, “Gaining accreditation from BrandWatch, along with our own analytical frameworks and methodologies, ensures that we are able to dig into the data and find insights that are meaningful to our clients”

The training was rigorous (and exhausting) as we delved into advanced visualisations and complex segmentation.

Katy Howell, CEO, says, “People development is core to progressing our staff at immediate future. Learning how to use the latest technology is an essential foundation. And boy do the team love to learn. There was such enthusiasm during the training and a dogged persistence to pass the exam. They are just brilliant!”

The accreditation supports our focus on delivering audience-first social campaigns: programmes that cut through the social media noise, because they are more relevant and interesting to our clients’ customers.

Expect to see the badges of accreditation appear on our staff LinkedIn profiles. They’re proud and so are we!