Anyone in social will tell you that the first step to precision planning is to find where your audience is and listen to what they are saying. We took this approach seriously when writing our new report “The social journey to ROI”. How seriously? 1-million-online-conversations-analysed seriously.

The results yielded some compelling findings that any travel brands (or social marketers) reading this could benefit immensely from. For example, did you know that 50% of the chatter on social networks happens in the “Experience” and “Post Purchase” stages of the customer purchase journey?

Or how about that the peak months when people in social are crying out for a holiday are April, June and September?

We went a step further and took a look at the emotions expressed and keywords used at different stages of the purchase journey. This gave us a blueprint which brands can use to test different types of content to increase ROI in social.

These insights and more are freely available at the click of a button here:

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