As if speaking at webinars, masterclasses and conferences wasn’t enough, immediate future has been quoted in a recent Times article about a new breed of entrepreneur. These “Selfie Tycoons” are using Instagram as a Launchpad for their careers with stellar results!

The quote from CEO Katy Howell adds weight to immediate future’s position as thought-leaders in the industry. And after 11 years working with brands in social media as a leading independent social digital consultancy it is no surprise. But nonetheless, we are chuffed to bits to see yet another high profile piece of coverage.

The Times article follows hot on the heels of a number of recent pieces. Katy has been included in an in-depth piece by Stephen Waddington on improving equality in professional life and a recent Drum article on the success (or lack thereof) of the recent election campaign in social media.

The Times article can be viewed here: