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A hearty hurrah for Katy – she’s been ranked on Lissted’s Alternative Top 50 UK Advertising and Marketing influencers list!

And yes, we know industry lists can be a bit of a mixed bag. This one however is based on our favourite thing: cold, hard data.

“To identify our Top 50, we analysed 15 million relationships, as well as interaction data, for 25,000 accounts relevant to marketing, advertising, digital media, social media and PR in the UK,” said Adam Parker, Founder & Head Data Chef at Lissted.

“The accounts were selected from our continually updated database of nearly two million that our machine learning suggests are more likely to relate to real world influencers,” said Adam. The result is a data-driven list of industry movers and shakers that is turning heads in the industry.

Other notable influencers in the top 20 are Ketchum PR’s Stephen Waddington (@wadds), Jeremy Waite (@jeremywaite), and The Drum’s Justin Pearse (@justinpearse).