LCD TV line-up with amazing picture quality, great looks and new-generation networking features

  • Best-ever Full HD picture quality with BRAVIA ENGINETM 3 and Motionflow 100Hz with Image Blur Reduction
  • Your networked entertainment hub with DLNA and USB Media Player
  • Slimmer, minimalist ‘Draw the Line’ styling
  • Innovative eco-features reduce power consumptionThis year’s beautiful range of BRAVIATM LCD televisions by Sony offers exciting new ways to access, share and enjoy your multimedia Content.

A stylish accent for today’s lifestyles, slim new BRAVIATM models bring a fresh new direction to the pared-down, contemporary ‘Draw the Line’ styling concept.

The new BRAVIATM collection is a showcase for sensational Full HD picture quality. Latest models are the perfect partner for today’s digital lifestyles, with smart connectivity and media streaming features.

It’s also the greenest-ever range of LCD TVs by Sony, packed with innovative eco-features to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising great BRAVIATM picture quality. Most BRAVIATM 2009 models carry the ‘EU Flower’ – an Eco-label introduced by the European Commission to certify greener, more environmentally friendly products that comply with strict ecological and performance criteria.

The heart of your home entertainment network

New BRAVIATM TVs by Sony now offer even more options to stay connected and enjoy your personal multimedia files.

DLNA lets you stream music, digital photos and video content stored in a VAIO®, networked PC or home media server. You can even control playback functions like pause, fast-forward and rewind with your BRAVIATM remote control. It’s a great way to view your digital image collection, watch downloaded movies or camcorder clips stored on your PC’s hard drive.

Most new BRAVIATM TVs feature a USB Media Player that makes it easy to enjoy your own digital content at home. Just connect any compatible media device to the set’s USB input, select ‘Media Player’ from the XMBTM (Xross Media BarTM) on-screen menu and choose the files you’d like to see or hear. It’s a convenient way to enjoy a big-screen view of your digital photos, or MPEG1 video clips captured with your Cyber-shotTM camera. You can also listen MP3 music tracks through your TV’s speakers.

For the first time, AppliCastTM lets you access an exciting range of on-line services without having to switch on your PC. Connected via the Ethernet port to the Internet, BRAVIATM TVs can display your favourite RSS Feeds – from international news and share prices to weather forecasts, horoscopes, celebrity gossip and more. Also accessed via the XMBTM on-screen interface, there’s a choice of handy ‘widgets’ that can be selected for displaying alongside the normal TV picture. Alongside a pre-installed Analogue Clock, Calendar and ‘How To Use AppliCastTM’ guide, BRAVIATM can download other networked widgets from a list that includes Calculator, Alarm, World Clock and Picture Frame Online.Incredible Full HD picture quality

At the heart of this year’s BRAVIATM line-up are latest innovations by Sony for best-ever Full HD picture quality – whether you’re enjoying movies on Blu-ray Disc, games or your favourite TV show.

New for 2009, BRAVIA ENGINETM3 is the latest generation of this unique Sony HD picture enhancement technology that intelligently analyses and optimises video signals from any HD or SD source. Picture details, contrast and colour reproduction are all enhanced for breathtakingly natural results. BRAVIA ENGINETM3 is complemented by Live Colour: this additional processing technology ensures best-ever reproduction of vivid, lifelike colours.

Sports and fast-moving action look better than ever. Motionflow 100Hz technology intelligently creates extra frames, inserting them into the signal and doubling the displayed frame rate for smoother reproduction of moving images. It’s enhanced by Image Blur Reduction that ‘cleans’ original frames before new frame insertion for even sharper images with reduced motion blur.

Chic, slim evolution of ‘Draw the Line’ design concept

New models build on the pared-down ‘Draw the Line’ design philosophy first showcased in last year’s BRAVIATM range. Chic, slimmer and even more minimalist, new-look BRAVIATM is accented with subtle design details – without distracting attention from a phenomenal TV viewing experience.

E5500 and E5300 series models feature beautiful Picture Frame styling. Following latest interior design trends, a new ‘tilt’ function subtly angles the TV screen upwards for comfortable viewing when the set is placed on a low table or sideboard.

The new BRAVIATM line-up at a glance

WE5 (40/46-inch): Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising great BRAVIATM HD picture quality. Inside the striking white cabinet design, this groundbreaking WE5 Full HD ‘Green TV’ features a new micro-tubular HCFL backlight that reduces power consumption by over 50%*. An Intelligent Presence Sensor switches off the picture when you leave the room. A new Energy Saving Switch is more convenient than switching off and unplugging to save power when the set’s not in use. BRAVIA EngineTM3 is complemented by Motionflow 100Hz with IB reduction for smoother moving images. There’s also an integrated MPEG 4 AVC HD tuner** for enjoying your favourite HD broadcasts without the need for a set-top box.

W5500 (32/37/40/46/52-inch): Take a step up to breathtaking Full HD pictures and super-smart features. The W5500 series updates the innovative draw the LINE design concept with a deep piano black finish and understated transparent detailing to flatter any interior. Motionflow 100Hz technology with Image Blur Reduction means sharper, smoother images with fast-moving live action. It all adds up to a stunning BRAVIATM experience with integrated BRAVIA ENGINETM3 and Live Colour, DLNA and AppliCastTM. There’s also an integrated MPEG 4 AVC HD tuner.

E5500 (32/40-inch): Flatter any interior with this slim, super-stylish Picture Frame Full HD TV that’s available in a choice of black, aluminium and walnut-effect finishes. Technology highlights include BRAVIA EngineTM3 and Live Colour, Motionflow 100Hz with IB Reduction, AppliCastTM, DLNA and USB Media Player. There’s also an integrated MPEG 4 AVC HD tuner.

E5300 (22-inch): Perfect for a bedroom or study, this smaller set features a beautiful picture frame design that looks great in a choice of black or white finish options. AppliCastTM, DLNA and USB Media Player are teamed with four HDMI inputs to handle a full complement of HD sources. There’s also an integrated MPEG 4 AVC HD tuner.

V5500 (32/37/40/46/52-inch): It’s the hub of your networked digital world. The V5500 series enhances ‘Draw the Line’ styling cues with a deep piano black finish accented by a subtle mirror accent. Experience incredible Full HD picture quality thanks to Live Colour and the new BRAVIA ENGINETM3 picture engine that optimises any signal source for more satisfying, lifelike viewing. DLNA lets you stream video, music and photos from your VAIO® or networked home PC. New to BRAVIATM this year, AppliCastTM displays information from the Internet and other services as handy on-screen widgets. There’s also an integrated MPEG 4 AVC HD tuner.

S5500 (22/32/37/40-inch): Your great-value entry to the BRAVIATM experience stands out with a contrasting piano black/matt textured finish. 37- and 40-inch models feature a Full HD panel for a compelling viewing experience. Generous connectivity options include up to three HDMI inputs plus a USB input for viewing digital photos or listening to MP3 music tracks from a connected device.

“BRAVIATM has always been about cutting-edge looks and fabulous HD images”, says Hiroshi Sakamoto, Vice President, TV Marketing Europe. “This year Sony redefines BRAVIATM with new-generation connectivity features and innovative eco features. It all adds up to an unprecedented viewing experience.”

*Compared with similar 2008 model (like the BRAVIATM W4500 series) ** where DVB-T and DVB-C compatible services are available



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