Enhance your home with the stunning new Monolithic Design. Explore a world of online entertainment. Experience incredible 3D action in Full HD.

  • Unique Monolithic Design combines aesthetic appeal and beautiful, minimalist style to create a design statement in its own right
  • Online services give access to ‘catch-up’ TV, streamed Internet videos, and on-screen updates from favourite websites
  • Experience an immersive 3D world and ultra-smooth cinematic action

The future of home entertainment is here

The BRAVIA 2010 line-up will change the way you view your TV forever. Go on an incredible 3D journey, connect to a world of online entertainment, enjoy the beauty of a cinematic screen or simply add a unique Monolithic Design statement to your home. The new BRAVIA range will put your Living Room at the centre of your home entertainment .

Add an elegant style to your viewing space

The BRAVIA line-up features a stunning new Monolithic Design concept. It uses a unique minimalistic, functional style to help your TV fit in perfectly with your living space.

Every detail has been carefully considered, from the contrast of high-quality materials and flush screen surface, which looks spectacular whether it’s on or off, to the option to recline the TV at a 6 angle – ideal for viewing from low, contemporary furniture and for adding a sense of space to your room.

The Monolithic Design concept has been extended across the entire suite of home entertainment products launched by Sony in 2010. New BRAVIA TVs, Blu-ray Disc™ Players and Home Cinema systems are all designed to create one seamless and unique home entertainment experience.

Enjoy a world of entertainment with no clutter

The age of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) has finally arrived. A new BRAVIA like the NX800 means you can simply connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and explore a huge choice of content and services from your living room.

BRAVIA Internet Video lets you watch the programmes you missed on popular ‘catch-up’ TV services, beginning with Five On Demand™ from early 2010. Catch-up TV is one of Europe’s fastest growing trends. It means you can forget the family arguments over the remote control and enjoy full-screen re-runs of your favourite TV shows at times that suit you.

There’s also a whole world of free, on-demand videos to explore from sharing websites such as YouTube™, Dailymotion™ and many more. There’s no need to hook up your PC or watch on a cramped screen; you can quickly access new videos and services as they’re added and stream full-screen content direct to your TV.

Other online services include handy on-screen widgets which you can download to get real-time updates from websites such as Twitter™, Flickr™, Facebook™ and many more. Your online world of content and services will keep expanding so there will always be plenty more entertainment to discover and enjoy.

Online services are organised into categories and are quickly accessed from the award-winning XrossMediaBar™ (XMB™) TV menu. You can bookmark favourite videos and share top picks with family and friends at the touch of a button.

Experience a whole new dimension with Full HD 3D

New BRAVIA TVs, such as the LX900, are the first to feature innovative, new Full High Definition 3D technology from Sony. Forget memories of blurry images and cut-out cardboard glasses: 3D in Full High Definition from Sony is an advanced picture technology.

Full HD 3D technology from Sony uses the high frame rate of our 200Hz TVs together with Active Shutter glass technology to create incredibly realistic depth and vivid 3D images.

Put on the hi-tech Active Shutter glasses and you’ll be taken into an amazing 3D world created by Sony. A new dimension which has to be seen to be truly believed.

Bring the cinema into your Living Room

Full HD 3D isn’t the only slice of real life created by the new BRAVIA 2010 line-up. New BRAVIA LCD TVs now bring the beauty and detail of the cinema screen straight to your living room.

Advanced Motionflow 200Hz PRO technology with Image Blur Reduction delivers four times more images than conventional 50Hz TVs for ultra-smooth, realistic movie action and uses innovative backlight blinking to give TV pictures a real cinematic feel.

New BRAVIA TVs, such as the HX900, also use specially designed screens with optimised panels and the latest LED backlighting technology for enhanced colour intensity and an incredible Giga contrast – you’ll experience the purest whites and deepest blacks you’d expect to see from your cinema seat.

Simplify home living with smart features

New BRAVIA TVs are there to make your life easier. Get a TV with integrated Blu-ray Disc™ Player or DVD player and you can save valuable space around the home.

There are built-in tuners for easy access to digital TV channels so you won’t need a separate set-top box.

The new BRAVIA line-up also features intelligent sensors and eco-features to help make life easier and greener, and save on household bills.

The Intelligent Presence Sensor on the LX900 uses face recognition technology to understand who is watching the screen. It will dim the picture or turn it off if no-one is looking, tell your kids if they’re sitting too close or optimise sound balance and picture performance, wherever you’re seated in the room. The sensor can even recognise your viewing habits and recommend the programmes you might like to watch.

Ambient Sensor will automatically detect the brightness and even colour temperature of ambient light in the room so pictures can be adjusted for optimum quality with minimum effort and energy consumption.

Find your perfect home entertainment experience

“The new range of BRAVIA TVs offers the most exciting home entertainment experiences we have ever created,” says Hiroshi Sakamoto, Vice President, TV Marketing Europe. “We’ve combined amazing new technologies such as Full HD 3D with our innovative Monolithic Design concept and easy access to a world of online content. Our 2010 home entertainment range will redefine the way you enjoy entertainment in your Living Room.”

“What’s more, by creating four new BRAVIA ranges – Signature, Cinematic, Presence and Essential – we can now offer the TV and technologies that best match your entertainment needs.”

The new BRAVIA ranges at a glance


The SIGNATURE range introduces the next generation of home entertainment with Full HD 3D and Wi-Fi built into an impressive Monolithic Design. TVs in the SIGNATURE range add a unique style to your living space while providing the ultimate Full HD 3D experience, access to a wealth of online services and clever features such as the Intelligent Presence Sensor with face detection to deliver maximum comfort and usability.


  • Integrated Full HD 3D for a stunning, real-life viewing & gaming experience
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access to online content & services, Internet widgets and DLNA enabled devices
  • Ultra-smooth & detailed fast-moving scenes with Motionflow 200Hz PRO & Image Blur Reduction
  • Edge LED & Monolithic Design to enhance viewing and add style to your home
  • Unique OptiContrast panel for a truly cinematic viewing experience
  • Intelligent Presence Sensor and Ambient Sensor help save energy and create a personalised viewing experience
  • Available sizes: 40” (102cm), 52” (132cm), 60” (152cm)


The CINEMATIC range offers the best picture quality for a viewing experience just like in the movie theatre. TVs in the CINEMATIC range combine innovative backlighting, advanced Motionflow technology and specially designed screens to bring you cinematic pictures with amazing detail, rich colours and superb contrast.


  • Intelligent Dynamic full LED screen for Giga contrast & true-to-life colours
  • Smooth fast-action and ultra-sharp detail with advanced Motionflow 200Hz PRO & Image Blur Reduction
  • Unique OptiContrast panel for a truly cinematic viewing experience
  • Ready for watching incredible life-like movie action in Full HD 3D
  • Available sizes: 46” (117cm), 52” (132cm)

Other models in the Cinematic Range include: HX700


The PRESENCE range is designed to enhance contemporary living with elegant design and connection to a huge choice of entertainment experiences. TVs in the PRESENCE RANGE look effortlessly graceful on the outside but are packed with the latest innovations for easy access to a world of entertainment.


  • Monolithic Design for a unique style in your living room
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access to online content & services, Internet widgets and DLNA enabled devices
  • Super-smooth, blur-free action scenes with Motionflow 200Hz & Image Blur Reduction
  • Deep Black panel and Edge LED backlight for enhanced viewing and super-slim design
  • Supplied with glass & brushed aluminium TV stand with adjustable 6 positioning for placing on contemporary, low furniture
  • Available sizes: 40” (102cm), 52” (132cm)

ther models in the Presence Range include: NX700, NX500, NX400


The ESSENTIAL range offers a superb High Definition experience for everyone. It brings together top technologies and outstanding performance into one great entertainment experience. TVs in the ESSENTIAL range have stylish design, eco-features, excellent picture quality and include models with built-in entertainment features such as integrated Blu-ray Disc™ or DVD Players and easy access to digital TV.


  • Slim, Edge LED screen with crisp, detailed Full HD pictures
  • Wi-Fi Ready for access to online content, services & Internet widgets
  • Presence Sensor & range of energy saving features
  • BRAVIA ENGINE 3 & Motionflow 100Hz for superb image quality & blur-free action
  • Available sizes: 32″ (81cm), 40″ (102cm), 46″ (117cm), 52″ (132cm), 60″ (152cm)

Other models in the Essential Range include: EX600, EX500, EX402, EX40B, EX302, BX400, BX300, BX200, BX20D
(Please see “Appendix I: BRAVIA 2010 Range” for details on all available models)



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