Four of the team have been living and breathing B2B real-time social this week; they have been working at the heart of a live command centre to generate leads for our client Thomson Reuters, Accelus Org ID. This is part of a wider programme with Thomson Reuters to drive awareness and drive marketing qualified leads. The IF team have been joining discussions, creating content to drive the chatter, and responding to a fair amount of banter at Sibos 2014.

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The Sibos conference and trade show is an opportunity for leaders in the financial industry to meet, get up to speed on the latest developments and trends, and to showcase their services. While we’ve been ensconced in the command centre (headquartered at the IF office) there is also a ground team working the stand in Boston, USA.

For many B2B organisations, trade conferences are part of the marketing mix. By adding social media Accelus is amplifying their presence, drawing more interest to their stand and ultimately generating leads.

Working just like a live news room, all social copy and micro-visuals are being created live by the IF team and published in real-time. To speed up the process, and add expertise and product knowledge, the team is joined by Thomson Reuters’ experts.

The command centre is not just focused on live social conversations (displayed on a Twitter wall) though. Using analytics tools, the team is able to look at insights that reveal the hottest trending topics, the bubbles of discussion – further insight to ensure posts are relevant.

With laptops and screens aplenty, A1 boards to brainstorm ideas and regular check-ins with the team in the States, it has been a real collaborative effort. We’re glad to report that the team is delivering results, and to be among the top 10 global contributors on social at the event!