White paper explains how social media is affecting the way consumers search online and what they find

A new white paper, published today by social media agency, immediate future, provides brands with crucial insights into how social media is re-defining online search, and the effects of these changes in relation to online reputation, discoverability and visibility.


Today, search is all about social search. The social web is impacting product discovery, purchase decisions and the sources of influence online. Search strategies need to take into account the impact of real time mentions and consumer conversation, as well as keyword optimisation.


The interaction of these three components is at the heart of search in 2011, and will play an increasing role in the diversification of search. This includes the development of localised, personalised, andsocial search, as well as the different social platforms where consumers are now sourcing information and products.


Katy Howell, managing director of social media agency immediate future, says: “Keyword optimisation no longer guarantees first place prominence. Increasingly, search engines are pulling in real time mentions and consumer generated content, both of which can have a dramatic impact on the online impression of your brand.”


Outlining an integrated approach to social media and search, immediate future’s white paper provides an overview of this new landscape with key recommendations for brands seeking to manage their online reputation and improve their visibility.


Howell concludes: “We know that search and social have a dynamic relationship, and we want to help brands understand this interaction so that they can develop content and search strategies that will protect their online reputation and future proof their brand”


The white paper on social search can be downloaded for free at

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