Wearable headphone style W-Series WALKMAN eliminates wires, for total freedom

WALKMAN X Series Video MP3 Player

* walkman_x_series_hand.jpgSuper clear 3-inch OLED wide touchscreen
* Best-ever WALKMAN sound quality with S-Master Digital Amplifier and Clear Audio technologies
* World’s first MP3/video player with Digital Noise Cancelling for the most effective noise reduction
* Open support for all popular music and video formats
* Hybrid controls (touchscreen plus buttons) for simple operation
* Wi-fi connectivity for easy YouTubeTM streaming, podcast direct downloading and internet browsing




walkman_series_floating_image.jpgWALKMAN W Series MP3 Player

  • Headphone-style WALKMAN keeps you free from cables
  • Superior sound quality with 13.5mm EX headphones
  • New function ZAPPINTM for easy searching of and listening to songs
  • Compact and lightweight means its comfortable to wear
  • Sony’s unique spiral form headphones for comfortable fit



The new WALKMAN X series delivers the ultimate personal entertainment experience. Packed with latest Sony audio and video technology, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who’s serious about enjoying their digital media collection on the move. The slim, compact and beautifully styled X series fits easily into your pocket.

The X series is also the first WALKMAN to feature a 3-inch widescreen OLED touchscreen meaning videos and digital photos stand out with incredible colours and contrast, while response time is super-quick for breathtaking results with fast-moving action like sports.

The ‘hybrid’ combination of large touchscreen plus dedicated music player buttons makes operation simple and intuitive. If you’re watching videos, it’s easy to find the right moment in longer videos with the touchscreen’s new ‘Scene Scroll’ function.

The 3-inch OLED touchscreen is also perfect for flicking through your photo collection in sharp detail, complete with music soundtrack if you wish.

Audio quality is everything you’d expect from the flagship in the Sony WALKMANrange. The new X series is packed with digital Clear Audio technologies by Sony for rich, wide bandwidth audio with clear, commanding bass and enhanced stereo separation.

In another WALKMAN first, S-master Digital Amplifier technology assures rich, lifelike ultra-low distortion sound. Already featured on Sony hi-fi and home theatre products, S-master amplification puts you centre-stage in the studio or concert hall, while maintaining a crisp and clear sound.

A handy switch activates Digital Noise Cancelling, immersing you in a world of beautiful WALKMAN sound without intrusions. There’s a choice of three settings to cut background noise whether you’re onboard a plane, bus/train or in the office. Also, air travellers can connect the WALKMAN directly to the plane’s AV system with the supplied connector, in-flight, to benefit from the WALKMAN’s noise cancelling capabilities.

Loading up your WALKMAN with music and video content is seamless, easy and fun. On-board Wi-Fi connectivity lets you stream YouTubeTMpodcast direct downloading and internet browsing.

While you’re enjoying a track, you can expand your knowledge of a genre. The X Series offers a choice of related links, pointing you directly to artist-related resources like YouTubeTM [NB: depends on country/region].


Sony takes the WALKMAN legend another step forward with its wearable MP3 player. The new W Series has a fresh new design, delivering brilliant WALKMAN sound quality and fabulous value in a fun, funky all-in-one design.

Light and easy to wear, the Sony WALKMAN W Series is available in five fashionable colours [black, white, pink, green and violet]. Sound quality from the comfort-fit 13.5mm EX headphones is rich and clear. New ZAPPINTM mode offers a fun new way to browse quickly through your music collection. It automatically detects and plays the main chorus part of each track, helping you find the song you want with just a few touches of the player’s jog dial.

The supplied ‘Content Transfer’ software enables easy ‘drag and drop’ transfer of non-DRM music files to your WALKMAN from online music services such as iTunesTM.

The WALKMAN X and W series will be available from Spring 2009.

Sony and WALKMAN® are registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trade marks of their respective owners. YouTubeTM is a trademark of Google, Inc.

Key technical specifications for W series


W Series



Supported file format

MP3/AAC(Non DRM)*/WMA (DRM)/Linear PCM

Audio technologies

ZAPPINTM (music search method)

13.5mm EX Headphones

Charging time

Quick charge: 3 minutes charge 90 minutes play**

Battery life

12 hours music playback***







Supplied accessories

Charging and transfer stand with USB cable/Holder/Ear piece(S,M,L) / QSG


Key technical specifications for X series


X Series


16GB or 32GB

Display type

3.0” Wide OLED display wide touchscreen

Display resolution

432 x 240 dots

Supported file format

Multi audio and video codec support:MP3, AAC (Non DRM)*, WMA(DRM), Linear PCM, AVC(H.264/AVC) Baseline Profile, MPEG-4 Simple Profile, WMV Main Profile/Simple Profile


Direct internet connectivity via WIFI, streaming YouTubeTM, podcast direct download and browsing websites

FM Tuner


Audio Technologies

S-master, Digital Noise Cancelling, Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, DSEE and EX headphones



Supplied accessories

13.5mm EX headphones/Ear piece (L,M,S)/Attachment/USB cable/Audio-in cables/Connector for airplanes/QSG


*AAC format audio files that are copyright protected cannot be played back

**90 minutes of music playback is approximate in MP3 128kbps

***12 hours of music playback is approximate in MP3 in 128kbps

****Different depending on countries