A slim, elegant, glass and leather column delivering 360º sound


* Unlike any speaker ever seen – or heard
* A revolutionary single tubular column delivering the same crystal clear sound wherever you are in the room
* Vertical Drive Technology delivers consistent sound wherever you sit – or stand!
* Sophisticated design in glass and leather, with illumination designed to enhance your interior
* Provides a focal point for any room
You’ve never seen a loudspeaker quite like Sony’s new NSA-PF1 – the Sountina. Nor will you ever have heard anything like it: this single, elegant column, combining glass, leather and room-enhancing illumination, delivers music over 360º, providing a sonic and visual focal-point for any room.


Sountinablue.jpgWhy Sountina? Sony’s designers explain the name is a fusion of ‘sound’ and ‘fountain’; just as people gather around a fountain, so the Sountina will deliver amazing music to those all around it, whether they are sitting in their favourite room or standing in the latest fashionable bar.

Unique speaker technology fuses with the stylish, elegant design to ensure the Sountina delivers exactly the same sound whether you are sitting or standing, and whether you are close to the 1.85m tall unit or some distance away. Sony calls it a Circle Sound Stage, and it’s all made possible by brand-new Vertical Drive Technology.

Vertical Drive Technology – superb sound from a glass tube

The main drive unit in the Sountina is a long, slender organic glass tube, energised by several drive devices to give sound that’s dispersed from along the length of the tube, and all round the speaker in a 360º spread. This technology also gives much less loss of sound with distance: increase the distance from the Sountina and there’s less than half as much loss as with conventional speakers. The Vertical Drive Technology unit is backed up with conventional midrange and bass drive-units, with fully active internal amplification allowing it to work directly with Blu-ray DiscTM, DVD, Super Audio CD or CD players, plus portable players. Connections are provided on digital electrical/coaxial and optical inputs, and analogue stereo sockets.

Sony’s Sountina – music never looked, or sounded, so elegant.