Find your ‘creators’ on Facebook, where 60% upload photos and 30% upload original video content

In a study, launching today, social media consultancy immediate future, in partnership with brand experience agency, Electrify, discovered that UK consumers prefer to upload their user generated content from live branded experiences, to Facebook.

The research looks at the increasing relevancy between social media and live brand experience (Live Brand Social). Surveying over 1,000 UK respondents, the insights reveal the close, interdependent relationship between social media and live branded experiences. Over half (56%) find out about brand experiences through social media, 51% share a post or a comment and 54% comment on a friend’s post, photo or video.

“We love to share experiences in real life on our social profiles. And in the UK it is clear that we not only  want to create our own content, but are happy for that to be part of a brand experience!” says Katy Howell, CEO at immediate future. “It seems consumers can be quite prolific on social, given the right experience. 68% will post a comment on Facebook and 54% will tweet. Beyond the conversations shared, uploading photos dominates on Facebook (60%) but video, given the additional effort required to create, fairs well. 30% upload to Facebook and on YouTube 28% will upload a video they made at a live branded experience.”

It is the increasing use of mobile devices that helps branded experiences connect with social media (69% claim to share content via mobile). With mobiles in hand, 61% prefer to post to Facebook, 25% to Twitter and 24% to YouTube; suggesting that the mainstream social networks dominate.

Live Brand Social impacts the bottom line too. Over half (53%) will make a purchase as a result. And following an event, 54% will go on to find out more about the brand online and 46% will visit the brand in-store.

Shaz Smilansky, CEO & Exec. Creative Director at Electrify believes the results should make us think more ‘socially’ about live branded experiences, “The data shows that there is a snug fit between social and experiential. That means, as marketers, we need to focus on designing experiences that will amplify the mobile and social interactions. Building content opportunities from the ground up to extend reach and maximise the brand investment.”

A deeper look at motivations to share Live Brand Social shows some unexpected results. Only 23% wanted to share so they could brag to friends. It wasn’t the format of the live branded experience that appealed either. Consumers were most likely to share on social media if the experience was unusual (71%), entertaining (69%) or relevant (65%), regardless of whether it was a flash mob or an installation.

The consequence of sharing on social is that brands can bring the experience to a wider audience. 42% of users that read about the experience on social sites were more inclined to buy despite not having personally attended.

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About immediate future

About immediate future
immediate future is one of the most respected independent social media consultancies in the UK. Planning is core to our social business consultancy and community management services.  With nine years’ social media experience, we help brands by creating robust, measureable social media strategies, and support initiatives with implementation –  building client capabilities with training and mentoring.

immediate future is an official social media trainer for the Institute of Direct Marketing (Diploma and Certificate) and Chartered Institute of Marketing. We’ve authored book chapters, contributed to the IAB social media council and are active members of the CiPR social media panel.

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About Electrify
Electrify is a leading Brand Engagement agency, we design integrated marketing communications built around live brand experiences. We offer brand strategy, creative thinking, and create long-term brand experience platforms that drive brand advocacy and ultimately evangelism. By leveraging offline ‘live brand experiences’ and events online, through social media; we work with our clients to generate real world ‘social currency’, personal recommendations, and maximum reach.

We wrote the book: Experiential Marketing, a Practical Guide to Interactive Brand Experiences, co-developed the Master’s Degree: ‘Digital Meets Experiential’ at London Metropolitan University, and regularly run worldwide training workshops on our planning system ‘SETMESSAGE’.

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