A bit different

There is something about the folk here at immediate future that is hard to explain. Yes, we are driven by a desire to go beyond client expectations, but there is more. There is a fascination with social. Every day we share ideas, links and opinions. Stuff that we have read, discussed or thought about (sometimes in that Eureka shower moment!). We are a bit odd like that. We share. We challenge. We are just a bit different.

Electric thinking

It fills our offices with energy. A buzz. Debates spark and ideas are exchanged in a furious desire to gather knowledge, create the new and stay one step ahead of the changing social media world.

We’re passionate people.

And it is not just a passion for social that drives us. There are music aficionados, photographers, poets, film buffs, gym fanatics, and a bit of everything in between. Someone will always be starting some new hobby or sport. We share our successes and commiserate when it doesn’t go to plan.


And the key to it all is our team camaraderie. We love to laugh and aren’t afraid of being laughed at. We record each other’s bad jokes on the wall of quotes. We know how everyone takes their tea. We do the Insanity workout in our lunch break and then share a box of doughnuts.

And out of hours we get a little competitive at team bowling and karaoke. But we also wind down with some great banter at Friday night drinks down the local.

We play as hard as we work. Laugh along the way, learn loads and get to spend our working time with terrific people.