hotel chocolate
Driving negativity from the search engines with strong social connections and tailored content. The aim was to build brand equity online, improve search results and drive traffic to the site.

Participation is the driver 

Each element of the social media campaign incorporated a participative element, maximising the emotional engagement in the Hotel Chocolat brand; inspiring advocacy; and ultimately generating buzz through word of mouth.
The social media audit revealed a community of chocolate fans, foodies, wine lovers and mums’ networks who were all interested in chocolate or related subjects. Influencers were identified in each of these groups, as were topics of interest which would enable Hotel Chocolat to enter the conversation and engage directly with advocates.

Giving influencers a sweetener 

Contact was initiated with influencers, offering Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs for review. A positive response was received with bloggers posting complimentary comments about the quality of the chocolate and becoming strong advocates for the brand.

We set up partnerships with influential bloggers and online publications who were given a set of Easter-themed questions to post on their site. For the ‘online Easter egg hunt’ readers had to answer a question by searching online; the resulting answers formed a code which was entered on the Hotel Chocolat site. All successful entrants were entered into a prize draw for a luxury Easter hamper and each partner blog or site was assured that one of their readers would win a prize.

Engaging families

The final phase of the activity was designed to engage with families. So we developed an Easter family guide which was shared online amongst Mum bloggers and parenting networks.

A Hotel Chocolat Facebook group was also created as part of the overall campaign – which quickly grew in volume over a short period.

The social media phenomenon is an incredible opportunity for brands like ours to engage directly with consumers. Recognising our most loyal customers, Hotel Chocolat is able to create strong relationships, reward fans and generate advocacy.
Chris Bishop, Online Marketing Manager, Hotel Chocolat