B2B Tech CMOs talk plans, focus and challenges for 2021

Did the pandemic really change things for Tech brands? We asked over 30 CMOs and marketers their thoughts on the last year, the changes they made and their revised plans for the future.

Wow! It’s eye-opening…

  • There’s a newfound agility in marketing teams that has seen business thrive, pivot and focus their marketing like never before

  • The passion for data is real. From hyper-personalisation to EQ, CMOs are keen to get the insight and intent data they need to meet customer needs through the pipeline

  • Slow down, let’s get Martech right. There are clear indications that for many brands, the priority is in fixing and connecting the Martech they have, before buying into the new

The eBook delves deeply into the why, the how and the when of marketing. Leaders flesh out their plans, share brilliant gems of insight and explain how they solved the challenges.

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