How to cut through the millions of Bake-off conversations on social

How to cut through the millions of Bake-off conversations on social

Join the TV social conversations, without the sponsorship

Your customers love the big TV shows from Love Island to Strictly. The talk sweeps the nation and fires-up social chatter. But none of these shows quite capture our collective need to tweet, Facebook and Insta, quite as much as the Great British Bake Off.

The challenge is, how to tap into the moment and grab attention. It’s a noisy place once the show kicks off with almost 1 million tweets in 10 weeks alone. We’ve taken a look at last year’s events and coupled that with our campaigns for clients on X-Factor and The Cruise to help you address the challenges.

Grab your copy to uncover how to meet the challenges and deliver outstanding results:

  • Not being a show sponsor means you need to think creatively. Find out how you can gain cut-through in the noisy conversation without resorting to big paid budgets
  • Make sure you have the right to join the conversation and avoid a backlash. Uncover the audience insights that will mean you are right on point
  • In all that noise, making your memorable means understanding the hot topics. Find out what interests inspire the chatter and what products got the most mentions. The answers may surprise you!

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