Healthy Eating: Fads and facts

A social report on healthy eating for food, exercise and lifestyle brands

Healthy eating and healthy foods has become a significant part of everyday life (not just a ‘New Year. New You’ thing). People care about what they eat. They want to know where their food comes from, how it’s made and how they can eat better. And they talk about it on social. A lot.

  • Discover what topics drive the 39% of posts that are shared

  • Find out how healthy eating is linked to conversations around fitness (25%) and weight loss (24%) – and what motivates and drives the chatter

  • Avoid getting into a food fight by understanding why 39% of chatter is about affordability and 30% mentions expensive. Both topics that drive anger and vitriol that no brand wants to be involved in

Download now, for free, and discover how best to find the juicy bits in the healthy eating moments.


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