A sizzling social report for holiday brands

A sizzling social report for holiday brands

In a 12 month period, there were almost 30m social media posts that specifically mentioned ‘holidays’.

To succeed, travel brands need stand-out. But that’s more than just creative executions. Personalised content is essential. Brands need to understand, in detail, the way in which customers buy, and the impact that social has at every stage of the buying journey.

Intimate knowledge of the customer is a key source of competitive advantage. This report lets you see exactly what motivates and drives the holiday buying consumer.

Download your copy and find out what, how and when your customers talk about holidays:

  • Discover how each social platform differs and how you can use this advantage to deliver greater impact
  • No two holidays are the same. Nor do they carry the same perception in the consumers’ minds. Find the nuggets that will help you understand the consumer motivations for different holiday types.
  • Your content needs to match the mindset of your customer. Are they dreaming of holidays? Are they planning, evaluating and asking others for advice? How does social fit into that purchase journey? Find the soft spots where social will help.

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