72% of b2b buyers use social media during the purchase process. And our work with IBM, Blackberry, Thomson Reuters and more reveals that you can generate substantial quality leads from our social lead generation services

Nurture, nudge and generate leads

We know that 70% of buyers are two-thirds through the decision making process before they engage with sales. And for those potential customers in social media we want to make sure your brand is talking to them.

The immediate future social lead generation service uses a combination of the following techniques to convince and convert buyers:

  • Creating, producing and shattering content to make it bite sized for social media
  • Mapping your social customer journey – leading buyers through to data capture
  • Identifying the networks, down to the groups that reach your buyers
  • Managing your outreach through a focused set of social profiles to drive potential customers to landing pages
  • Social search techniques to make content easy to find
  • Optimising performance to generate greater quality leads
  • Social advertising that both resonates and targets specific audiences
  • Integration with other marketing channels (and marketing automation tools if you have them) to maximise the value of your website and email

Social Selling

When marketing works closely with sales to integrate social the results are powerful. Your content and messaging travels further and your sales people get closer to prospects. But understanding the right way to build social relationships needs to be learnt. Marketing needs to provide the tools, content and processes that make it easy for the sales team to share.

We work with brands to set the best working practices, create the right sort of content for the sales team and then train you and sales to develop strong buyer relationships.

Snaffle the social lead

There is always an opportunity to go beyond the inbound marketing and snaffle sales opportunities from the conversation. Buyers use social media to ask for recommendations, to request information or just to tell you which vendors they are looking at. And a timely, useful and relevant response can generate a strong lead.

Our lead search and harvesting programmes scour social media conversations to identify those buyers making requests and recommendations. We respond in real-time and drive potential leads to data capture.