Exclusive events for brands

Social media moves fast. Brands are running to keep up. New processes and resources need to be deployed. Best practice is being set. Resolving challenges often means new ways of working. And brands have to learn at supersonic speed.

Insight from other brands, with experience of social in their business, accelerates your learning. So immediate future has designed events where you can meet contemporaries and discuss social media. Join us and…

  • Be free to learn from, be inspired by (and interrogate) keynote speakers and social leaders

  • Connect with peers, discuss the challenges, successes and share war stories (We add a little wine and nibbles to help the chatter)

  • Networking is made easy (we introduce you to people and keep the buzz flowing)

  • Be safe in the knowledge that our events have a strict ‘NO SALES’ policy!

Read on to find out about our brand-only social media events:

Previous Events

B2CTO | The Express Version

29th September 2019
Following a sell-out July event, B2CTO returns for an encore in October. Join us to find out what makes the Tech C-suite so damn peculiar, how 70% are IT decision makers and why LinkedIn is not their first choice in social media platforms. Curious? You should be if you want to get to this hard to reach audience.
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Breakfast Briefing: Delivering a 1100% ROI from social

26th April 2018
One twelve-week campaign turned £202k into more than £2.3million of sales. Join this breakfast briefing and you'll discover how we cut through all the travel noise on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to deliver tangible business results.
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How close is too close for customer relationships on social?

19th April 2016
It is received wisdom that social media is all about 1-2-1 relationships. But is that really the case for brands? Can companies realistically talk to every single customer individually? Or is that just an investment too far.
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Paid social: Getting bang for your buck

24th February 2016
This webinar takes a look at best practices drawing on expertise across both B2B and consumer brands (and a Drum award for Best use of Social Media Advertising). You will learn how to squeeze value from paid
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NATO and Social Media: Turning challenges into social opportunities

26th November 2015
Managing the social media channels for an International Organisation consisting of 28 member countries can be challenging. Find out how Franky Saegerman, Head of Social Media at NATO faces this challenge at our November Social Speakeasy
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October '15 Social Speakeasy

Return on social

22nd October 2015
We invest a great deal of time, effort, resource and budget in creating content and managing social media. But are we doing it effectively? Rachel Kneen from O2 shares their largely data driven approach, to prod discussion around how to better optimise our efforts and gain tangible results.
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Integrating social media for global impact

23rd September 2015
From Dr Who and Top Gear to Music TV driven by social data, we take a look at the challenge of integrating social with global audiences.
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Owning your moment in social media

16th July 2015
Whether you are a B2B organisation looking to capture attention at an industry event or a consumer brand sweeping into a trending conversation - there is real value to be gained from engaging in real- time or "owning your moment" in social media.
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The FMCG Social Media Revolution

09th July 2015
Social is changing the FMCG landscape. Find out how Europe’s largest chocolatier and biscuit baker, Mondelēz International, is making the best of social to directly influence sales for its brands. Join us to hear more
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London Museum talks social

Putting social audiences at the heart of the business

21st May 2015
Visitor communications at the Museum of London is changing. Like most organisations, the museum recognises that social media has altered audience behaviours. And in turn, understanding social audiences is heart of digital transformation
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Pepsi Max talk social

Keeping Pepsi Max front of mind in social media, every day

23rd April 2015
Like many FMCG brands, Pepsi Max has one dominant objective: keeping the brand front of mind. When it comes to social media, Aman Matharu, Digital Marketing Manager at Pepsico, knows exactly what content put Pepsi Max on the tips of tongues: it’s video that performs best. And he promises to share his approach with us at this month’s Social Speakeasy.
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How retailers can perfect the social media conversion to ROI

26th March 2015
Notonthehighstreet.com is driving substantial sales from social media. In fact, according to Ben Carter, Marketing Director, They are able to track and measure social conversions on a daily basis – and the results are good!
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The secret to social for B2B events

10th February 2015
Discover how to maximise your investment in B2B events by integrating social media. Social media can attract more attendees, bring people to your stand and ensure lead follow up and connection to influencers
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From real-time to data driven personalisation, how Coral tackle social media

20th November 2014
When it comes to sports betting, personalisation is what counts. Tania Seif, Head of Social Marketing at Coral, will share the organisation's approach to social media including structure and resource...
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Discovering the influential social customer

Influencing your influential customers

20th November 2014
Influential customers pack a punch when it comes to digital. They can increase your total revenue by 20-40%. Discover how to identify your social influencer and how best to engage with them
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Survive a social media crisis

14th October 2014
Fresh from the Westminster Crisis Communications Conference 2014, Katy Howell will share her recent briefing on surviving a social crisis (and how to avoid a situation like Tesco is currently experiencing)
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Balancing multiple customer segments in social – The Macmillan story

09th October 2014
Macmillan’s Head of Digital, Amanda Neylon, talks us through who they reach through social media and what purpose this communication serves for the charity
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Death by content

25th September 2014
Katy Howell of IF, John Sweeney of DemandGEN and Neil Stoneman of Velocity take part in a panel discussion on the current state of content marketing, with added insight on what comes next!
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The social journey to B2B ROI

18th September 2014
Join Katy and Tom to hear the five core requirements of a social lead gen programme, and learn from their experiences of working with large b2b brands such as IBM, Motorola and Thomson Reuters.
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Don’t be Bob: Future proof your business with disruptive social content

04th September 2014
Clare Izhaky, Head of Social Business at Microsoft will be challenging the typical B2B and consumer content seen at many tech companies, she has a unique approach to social - don't be a boring Bob! Clare will reveal how she and her team have championed witty and intelligent content to drive brand advocacy.
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Celebrating a decade of IF

24th July 2014
immediate future is 10 years old! We’ve grown into one of the most respected social media consultancies in the UK! How amazing is that? And we're celebrating in style with our nearest and dearest. After all, immediate future would not have become what it is today without the support of our friends and colleagues.
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Data insight to inform content

22nd July 2014
Andrew Marcus, Deputy Head of Communications at the Museum of London will be taking us on a journey as he discusses the organistation's social strategy. Including their editorial approach to content marketing and converting visitors from online to physical.
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How traditional retailers can embrace social media

16th July 2014
Ryan Davies, Head of Loyalty and CRM at Mothercare takes a look at how to meet the challenges faced by traditional retailers in embracing social media. Astute and witty, Ryan’s webinar will explain Mothercare’s approach to social; from connecting up data from in-store to online, as well as revealing processes and best practice.
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Smart social content for B2B qualified leads

24th June 2014
Almost 60% of the purchase decision is made before a buyer talks to your company. Discover how brands like IBM, Thomson Reuters, BlackBerry and Post Office have got clever with content. How precision targeting and optimisation work hand in hand with your pipeline to drive qualified leads
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Creating inspirational social content

19th June 2014
Dom Dwight is brand communications manager at Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate (including brands like Yorkshire Tea, and Taylors Coffee). Sharing how his company optimises content while safeguarding the brand's tone of voice, Dom will talk in detail about a more collaborative approach to delivering inspiring social content.
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Social media ROI in financial services

12th June 2014
Discuss the challenges that social media poses to financial services, and debate the value of social networks for business with insights from Barclaycard, Post Office and Juniper Asset Management.
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Discussing real-time social

22nd May 2014
An exclusive dinner at Michelin star restaurant where ten senior brand executives will be taking a deeper look at real-time marketing. We'll be looking at the challenges brands face in adopting a real-time approach; resourcing requirements and where agencies might support efforts to meet the on-demand customer
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Meeting customer social expectations

21st May 2014
Martha Roberts, responsible for over 400k business customers and 29 million addresses at Royal Mail, is going to share her challenges and successes in putting customers at the heart of the company's services. Accountable too for 9 service centres and 1300 staff, we will also get a glimpse of how she keeps a focus on a multichannel approach that includes internal engagement and communication.
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Squeezing value from social

24th April 2014
Richard Clark discusses how he assigns monetary value to social engagement for the well-known retailer, Argos. Sharing a smart approach to measurements, views on loyalty and how algorithms can make generating social value a lot easier
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Measuring the social value

20th March 2014
Barclaycard’s Head of Social Media Lucy Wren banks on measurement metrics to deliver ROI
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Real-time social engagement

06th February 2014
Jerry Daykin, Social Media Marketing Manager at Mondelez International, shares his secrets to real-time social media success
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immediate future steps up for Macmillan

01st January 1970
You wouldn’t expect us to do ‘ordinary’. So whilst we love Macmillan Coffee Mornings, when CEO Katy Howell was asked to speak at a one with a Mad Hatter thrown in, how could she resist?
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