Social might be quick to set up, but without a roadmap and the skills to read the shifting social sands, you can wander the social landscape without adding value to the business. The immediate future consultancy services are designed to bring best practice and social capabilities to your in-house team.

Whether you need to build the business case, plot your roadmap to ROI or understand where you should focus your attention, you need a plan. Our four step process to building your roadmap, starts with unpicking relevant conversations. It includes a co-planning workshop (so you learn as we go). And ends up with a clear action plan that includes value goals, milestones and a metrics framework.

Our planning and support go beyond marketing too. We create roadmaps for HR, PR and develop strategies and support plans for customer service.

Everyone says you need to listen to the social conversation. We don’t disagree. It’s just that businesses are not used to listening. The approach needs to be methodical.

That’s why we untangle conversations with a defined taxonomy relevant to each client. We gather data using technology, but analyse in the context of your brand, manually. The results are astonishing. You get insights that add value to your business. You can determine your focus, benchmark your activity, and define your content and so much more!

Training requires more than subject matter expertise. We know, we train for the IDM (Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing – certificate and diploma); CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and CiPR (Chartered institute of Public Relations). And we have led countless in-brand workshops for companies like Sony Electronics, Staples Europe, EC Harris and more.

What makes training effective is a strong structured course, brain challenging participation, clear milestones and a lot of energy! Follow a training day with mentoring, and you accelerate expertise and bed in best practice. And ultimately bring knowledge and skills into your company for good.

Social media crises can be unpredictable and, at times, appear overwhelming if not planned for.

We’ll audit your risks and vulnerabilities, train your key personnel and then bring it all together in a live (and very exciting) simulation using secure simulation software designed to look and behave just like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And if you need help right now, in the midst of a crisis, then call us on 020 8547 1830. We can deploy a task force fast. We have lots of experience and have helped some well-known brands mitigate the risks.

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