Tech CMOs Shift Marketing Efforts to The Digital Relationship

  Interviews with tech CMOs and Marketers at large brands reveal a shift in marketing focus Following detailed interviews with CMOs from large technology brands, five trends surfaced that reveal a shift in focus from lead generation to building digital relationships. The 50+ page Technology CMO Outlook report unlocks deep insights and thinking from marketing…

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IF talks business in Leaders Council podcast alongside Lord Blunkett

IF talks business in Leaders Council podcast alongside Lord Blunkett. The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is talking to leaders from across the UK in a series of thought leadership podcasts. It’s an opportunity for business owners to hear how others are tackling the issues of the day, meeting the needs of…

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Katy Howell, CEO, immediate future[6]

IF leads the conversation on D&I in marketing

IF leads the conversation on D&I in marketing The marketing sector is making efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and immediate future, as a diverse organisation from the top down, is working with others to inspire improvement and action. That means being involved in industry workgroups, joining and supporting those that are…

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Benchmark study reveals social moves centre stage in the marketing mix

  Benchmark study reveals social moves centre stage in the marketing mix 69% of brands say social is important and integrated into plans   Over 230 brands took part in the immediate future benchmark study: The Business Value of Social. Comparing performance and business value of social media, results reveals that social is becoming a…

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Travel buyers shift the social conversation in a desire for genuine content

  70m+ travel conversations, also reveal a trend towards small networks, increased mentions of friends and family and a change in channel usage   There’s a shift in behaviour amongst those (virtually) chin-wagging about their holibobs on social. How do we know? Well, we’ve dug into the dirty data, cleaned it up and packaged it…

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Getting all emotional at UK travel conference

  Social media is emotional. And never more so than in travel. That’s why we’ll be sharing new insight into how consumers talk in emotions in tweets, instas and everything in between, at the next big TTI conference. The Travel Technology Initiative (TTI) conference takes place in London in March. In fact, the whole event…

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Encore for the sell-out Tech B2B event: B2CTO

Bringing together the recent research on the Tech c-suite buyer with neuromarketing thinking proved to the perfect pairing for the breakfast event in July. So much so that the event, B2CTO, was a sell out on the hottest day of the year. A second date to repeat the breakfast briefing is announced today.

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