A smart social team

Social is leaky. It gets tangled across the channels from your website through to your TV advertising. It changes audience behaviours and employee communications. And as experts that means the team at immediate future are experts across disciplines, as well as social. Skills range from multichannel and digital to journalism and analytics.

Let’s introduce you to some of the key IF people whose dedication and sheer determination keep our clients happy…



With a constant eye on what's on the social and digital horizon, Katy is fascinated with how social integrates into business and across the channels.

Combining nearly three decades of marketing, digital and communications experience, she  delights in sharing - paying it forward with advice, best practice and a passion for problem solving.

She's a consummate speaker; co-authors books on social; and loves to train the next generation of social marketers. Go on, give Katy a shout on social!


Managing director

A strategist, a planner, a speaker, a leader, a problem solver…

…Colin has a diversity of experience and talent that clients adore. He’s got oodles of digital experience. But the one thing Colin cares deeply about is delivering results. And he does that in spadefuls. Of course, his secret to success is also his team.  A charismatic leader, Colin brings IF together. He embodies our values, mentors staff and sets the agenda for delivering excellence. You just have to meet this guy!


Account director

Social savvy, Theresa is a consumate account director immediate future. She is driven by an unrivalled passion for social media. Always one step ahead of the trends, she’s knows how to marry the latest innovation to client requirements.

Better still, she shares her knowledge with the team; guiding them and coaching to get the best. Incredible attention to detail, knowledge and a collaborator - you want this woman on your team!


social digital designer

Harry takes the visual and design of social one step further: looking at the interactions and trends across social design. He believes that social visual is as much about the mechanic as the aesthetic. And in knowing the social subtleties that generate memes, or make images shareable, Harry is able to deliver better, faster content creation that just works brilliantly in social.


Account director

A naturally trusted advisor to clients, Matt invests in knowing clients’ businesses inside and out. A sharp cookie, coupled with an insane attention to detail, he is known for his marketing flair and has rather a passion for process!

Matt comes into his own in the way he develops and nurtures his team. His style is one of collaboration, bringing both clients and staff on a journey. With Matt, you will be the best you can be in social.


Finance and Office manager (mat)

Without a doubt Laura most organised person on the planet. She manages our finances brilliantly, keeps the office in order (we hate running out of tea bags) and does all the admin stuff we can't live without. Basically, she’s the most pivotal person at IF – after all, she pays the bills.

Say hello when you pop by, she is likely to also be one of the first people you meet.


Finance and office manager

Our wonderful Victoria is off on maternity with her first baby (and IF's second baby). We are being sensible and leaving her in peace to enjoy her time being Mum to one instead of Mum to us all!