A Smart Social Team

Social is leaky. It gets tangled across the channels from your website through to your TV advertising. It changes audience behaviours and employee communications. And as experts that means the team at immediate future are experts across disciplines, as well as social. Skills range from multichannel and digital to journalism and analytics.

Let’s introduce you to some of the key IF people whose dedication and sheer determination keep our clients happy…



It’s no secret that Katy pioneered social media marketing. 

She launched immediate future 17 years ago, and since then has become the go to expert for UK social – you’ve likely seen her on TV, heard her on the radio, or recognised her name as the 4th most influential social marketing expert. 

She’s also just awesome.


Senior Finance Officer

Every team needs a Laura. 

You want to feel supported? Protected? Need someone to cross every ‘t’ there ever was, or give you some words of encouragement? 

Part of the Leadership team executing all manner of business operations, and more importantly keeping the beer fridge stocked, Laura is truly irreplaceable.


Managing Director

CJ’s been in the marketing biz for 23 years, and social media specifically for 11. As MD, he knows all, sees all, regularly shares all with BBC News, and gets to the nub of commercial goals with ease. 

Stick with him, and you’ll be wowing audiences and pleasing boardrooms in no time.


Digital Designer

With an artistic eye, Anna brings a fresh perspective and boundless energy to every project and pixel she tackles.

Whether creating captivating visuals or brainstorming next-level concepts, she has a positive mentality and eagerness to dive head-first into any challenge.


Art Director

Illustrator, designer, creative wizard: Chantal.

She’s got that rare artistic eye, creating industry-leading visuals for IF and our clients. 

Just take a look at our socials and you’ll see her value at a glance.


Account Manager

Elena’s great at everything, which makes her the perfect Account Manager.

Paid, content, organisation, client communications – Elena is the well-rounded swiss army knife everyone always says they want but can never find.


Senior Account Executive

Copywriter, creator, a true all-rounder with an artistic flare, Andrea really is the best of both worlds. 

A hard-working social native who supports both the B2C team and design team, you’ll always find Andrea dancing and laughing her way through the day. 


Senior Account Director

Tom has that B2B know-how you’re looking for.

He’s passionate, driven and constantly pushing the social media envelope. If you want to bump up those engagement numbers while improving web traffic, well, look no further – he’s your guy.


Senior Account Manager

A northern soul in a southern world.

Charlotte is an organisational superstar, a creative sparker and always ready with a witty anecdote.

Brilliant at building relationships, she will help you out with any task you have – no questions asked. 


Account Manager

With a dash of wit, a sprinkle of insight, and a pinch of captivating storytelling.

Amber knows how to transform B2B content into an engaging masterpiece that keeps your audience coming back for more.