Social is a game changer, it isn’t a fad, or a fashion. It has changed the way customers behave. It has changed the way consumers connect with brands: the way buyers make purchase decisions. Businesses can’t ignore it.

Data drives strategy, content, communication and results

We fundamentally believe that at the heart of every good social media initiative is a good understanding of customer behaviours. An understanding based on data. Data that is translated into insights. Insights that inform the social plan, the context of the content and the way a brand communicates. Data that allows for performance optimisation that delivers value to the brand.


Insights must go beyond social

To interpret data you need a lot more than knowledge of social. You need skills in analytics, PR, digital, marketing, CRM, customer service and more. Hence the approach we take is to have these professions in our teams. It means we can truly understand the impact of search and social, social CRM and reputation and crisis management.

Performance brings real-time into focus

Social conversations are living, responsive, changeable things. Planning is essential (successful real-time engagement will always have a strategy), but you cannot ignore trending topics, breaking news, or the meme that takes flight across the social networks. With a roadmap in place, we optimise social campaigns. Spot the trends, amplify the content that resonates and flex our activity to meet the customer at every touch point. The result – value that is beyond our clients’ expectations. And in truth: the most incredible satisfaction at knowing that social performance is having a genuine impact on our clients’ business.