We are immediate future

Our sole focus is on social media marketing. We’re your experts.

Deploying campaigns globally, for brands like Selfridges, One Direction and Thomson Reuters; across EMEA with Staples, Fujitsu, Google and Sony Electronics. And closer to home in the UK, with Princess Cruises, Mission Foods, AutoTrader and Marston’s Pubs.

Official Facebook, LinkedIn Partners and Twitter friends. We’re industry recognised (with rafts of awards won every year), as the go to experts for the BBC, ITV, Reuters, CNN, radio and press; and we’ve co-authored 4 books.

Brands come to us when they’re serious about social.

We are diverse from the top down. A third of the team is BAME and we are 60% female. This too is reflected in our Board.

But more than ticking boxes, we reach out to communities and ensure we recruit talent from a wide variety of backgrounds. After all, the better we reflect the make-up of social media users, the stronger our creativity and strategies align with consumers.

  • We mentor women through Women of the World, GirlRise and Sistrs
  • We are a signatory to the BITC Race at Work Charter and follow the BRiM frameworks
  • We lecture for free at Kingston College (we also guest lecture at the university) to support those that might not be aware of careers in our industry
  • We ONLY have paid internships (No lower than living wage for the first 4 weeks and then it is raised to a junior level), to allow those from disadvantaged background to join the profession
  • 50% of interns progress to permanent employees where we grow them through the business with our IF Academy (a wee bit proud of this one)
  • We support local schools giving parents and children guidance on social media

Oh, and we are working hard to achieve our B-Corp certificate too.

But Ultimately…

We are marketers who want to make a difference to your business through the social channels. It matters to us:

  • that we can be your perfect voice;
  • that we grab attention with thumb-stopping creativity;
  • that we give you results the business values;
  • and that we make you proud of your social media.   

Belle’s depth of knowledge and experience both in marketing as a whole and in social media marketing specifically is highly evident. Her presentation to my students was practical, informative and engaging. I am sure it will help them both with their assessments and if they decide to follow a career in marketing.

Louise Haythornthwaite, South Thames Colleges Group

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