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Serious Social – Episode 69 : Bring the social boom

  Ep 69: Serious Social – Bringing the social boom  2021 is coming to an end and it’s time to get your brand’s social media ready for next year. In this episode of Serious Social, Colin Jacobs, Belle Lawrence and Katy Howell review this year’s successes and forecast 2022’s triumphs, dissecting and debating everything that…

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Serious Social – Episode 66: Trust the process

  Ep 66: Serious Social – Trust the process In this episode of Serious Social, designers Ollie Farnden and Chantal El Bikai discuss the importance of ‘trusting the process’. Tune in to find out what it is and how not trusting it will lead to erroneous results. If you’re after more know-how to break the…

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Serious Social – Episode 65: Back to old school social

  Ep 65: Serious Social – Back to old school social In this episode of Serious Social, Katy Howell explores how we’re shifting back to some old school disciplines and what tactics and approaches from the past are worth revisiting. Listen now to find out some old social that can be dusted down and used…

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