Plan, create and deliver results

We make social work hard. 

Creativity runs in our blood (and from spending days and nights surfing social channels!). You’ll work with practiced, skilled, expert marketers with a talent for social, that know exactly how to deliver business impact and growth.

Everything, yes everything we do is underpinned with social data. Not just the ‘what people say’ but the ‘what people do’ insight. The psychographics that identify your audiences, your niches, your topics and trends, and the gaps that are your opportunities.


Yeah, you already know what it takes to develop a decent marketing strategy.

Well in social, you’ll need to kick in the hyperdrive. Planning is agile. Taking real-time social data, balancing it with the shifting sands of channel algorithms and adding steeped-in-social skills that allow you to predict, pilot, flex and embed audience-first thinking. A strategy that is fit for social and focused on growth.

Whether that growth is acquisition, brand equity, conversion or sales. It’s a plan designed to move the needle.


You HAVE to do paid if you want performance from your social. And our paid social is so good that we broke Twitter – our bid prices were optimised so tightly it wouldn’t register on their platform! Now that is the kind of agency you want managing your hard earned paid budget!

We’re Official Facebook Partners, Twitter mates and besties with LinkedIn. We use the data smarts, with hand crafted dark posting and daily optimisations to make your media spend work hard. Not just by managing bids, but by connecting your creative, A/B testing and managing your attributions, to deliver the right mix of campaign that delivers results – right on the nose.


Isn’t social bloated with content? Noisy endless tweets, memes, posts and vlogs. Dross.

Let us help you break out. We’ll grab audience attention, get them to stop endlessly scrolling and swiping. And make sure they see you and take action on your posts.  We’ll define your content tilt, sharpen your messages, create stories, shoot video, animate, and design killer content that sings and dances on every mobile.


Let’s face it, scheduling and posting is not rocket science is it? We know it’s a task that needs doing, but there is a heck of a lot more to managing social than getting that pic on Insta. What you’ll want from your team is managed thinking. A flex with what works and what doesn’t, bending with trends and new formats (there is always a new craze), and operating in real-time.

We work with you, all snuggled-up with your in-house team. Adaptable to fit your needs and filling in the gaps with know-how, insider secrets and eye-popping creative concepts. We take the hard work out of content plans, sign off, tracking links, reporting, creating heartbeat content and keeping everyone focused on the end game (we’re your Iron Man)

It has been a pleasure working with Immediate Future on our social strategy and delivery. They really go the extra mile to get to know your brand and positioning in detail in order to shape creative strategy. Myself and the board have been really impressed with the hugely detailed insights and strategy provided as well as the content and innovative thinking. We have also enjoyed participating in the workshops and brainstorming sessions which have been both insightful and really fun. 

Victoria Hampton, Banham Security