10 brands and individuals to connect with on Snapchat

RP19-Blog-BannerMany digital marketers that I’ve spoken to recently are not active on Snapchat. Most have given it a go, but either their family and friends weren’t using the app, or their friends and family weren’t sharing the most engaging of content.

Both are understandable reasons for not enjoying the experience, but what if current (or future) customers are part of the 200 million active user base? Surely frequent usage and an active presence equips marketers to make a better social media decision regarding this platform.

Well, to try and improve the experience for many, and to show you the interesting and creative side for Snapchat (if you hadn’t guessed, I’m a big fan), here are some suggested accounts to connect with:

DJ Khaled (djkhaled305)

Probably Snapchat’s most famous user. Why? This DJ has tons of personally, is mixing with the rich and famous, and is living the high life we would all like to lead

Amazon.com (amazon)

Enjoy filling your basket at weekends? Amazon’s time-based offers and gift recommendations will surely be your thing

Taco Bell (tacobell)

Having been active for 3 years, Taco Bell is old school by Snapchat standards! They engage with fans through menu hacks and quizzes, and are generally lots of fun

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (lacma)

Not what you would expect from an art museum. By using current song lyrics as their image captions, their paintings and sculptures are given as modern twist as they appeal to a younger audience

Georgio Basil (georgio.copter)

If cartoons and doodles are your thing, then this architecture student is well worth seeing. Each day, he shares creative and quite frankly impressive snaps, featuring a set of loveable monsters

General Electric (generalelectric)

This multinational conglomerate reaches out to the younger audience by giving science lessons. Not just any science lessons though: emoji science. Nice idea and well executed.

GrubHub (GrubHub)

GrubHub quite rightly received coverage and awards for two reasons. 1 – Being one of the first brands to track their ROI with a promo campaign. 2 – For responding to every single message they received

Dominos UK (dominos_uk)

This pizza giant launched a 2016 campaign by using a low budget film as their “Story”, including a discount code, which then saw an increase in sales. A good recent case study, whether you like pizza or not

WWE (wwe)

If you’re a fan of WWE, no-one is judging. There has never been proof that it’s not real. Their Snapchat account is great for fans, featuring behind the scenes footage and content not shared on other channels

Arnold Schwarzenegger (arnoldschnitzel)

No list would be complete without Arnie. He gives a glimpse into his daily life with some carefully placed emoji. Also, keep an eye out for the odd chopper

So there you have it. 10 brands and individuals to connect with on Snapchat if you’re trying to familiarise yourself with the app. Enjoy!


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