The retweet is a popular feature of Twitter. Research shows that, as a result of combining live event marketing with social, 54% will post to Twitter, however, the creation of original content is far outweighted on Twitter, by the ease of sharing via retweets. 36% will share a tweet and 34% will share a link. So let’s put it into practice and find out how good your retweeting skills are!

From a UK survey of 1,000 individuals:

Reach of your experiences is increased to 74% by combining live events with social

When experiences and social are combined, 49% feel more positive about a brand

37% join brand social media pages  as a consequence of experiential marketing

54% will find out more about a product as a result of Live Brand Social

After a Live Brand Social event, 46% will visit the brand in-store

And after a live experience with social 38% will become regular customers

69% of consumers are using mobile devices to share Live Brand Social content

54% of people will recommend your brand to a friend because of a live experience with social

53% of consumers will make a purchase as a result of Live Brand Social

As a consequence of Live Brand Social, 28% will go on to purchase within a month

Download the full report and share your thoughts on live brand social with us #LiveBrandSocial

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