11 tips to make your social media policy secure

You may have seen The Social Media Policy Workbook already. But if you haven’t, it’s a resource chock-full of checklists, tips and real life examples to help you create a robust social media policy that can stand up to scrutiny.

Now we’ve gone one step further with added tips and advice from our team as well as some guest spots from those working online!

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2. It is essential to get all relevant staff involved early, it not only gets buy in, but ensures that you don’t make assumptions

3. Once a policy is in place you need to think very hard about how to communicate it. And not just communicating once, but across the life of your social estates

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5. Don’t forget to add policy details to your existing policies and company documents. Even your induction and exit materials should include reminders and pointers

6. If you have industry regulations and compliance, work closely with your associations. There is often a case for a cross industry collaboration that brings everyone up to speed with the risks and vulnerabilities

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8. Some aspects of your policy should be strict, but there are other instances when you should be flexible. You cannot control all online activity so be realistic and fair about how to deal with anomalies

9. What happens in private, stays on social. Educate your employees to be aware that what they comment, post and share in their own time and on their own profiles remains online for all to see, and can have consequences

10. Ask for help. Speak to someone in the know to make sure that your policy is as robust, and truthful, as it can be. Social media marketers live and breathe social and can often explain the nuances or potential pitfalls

11. Clarity is key. Make sure that you define who your policy applies to and who it does not. This will mean regularly reviewing and updating your document, especially as social continues to grow and evolve throughout the organisation

If you have a top tip to share with us or think we’ve missed something, then get in touch. You will even have your name printed on one of our funky digital post cards!

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