3 benefits of using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation

The use of social media in business brings financially tangible and statistically measurable benefits. LinkedIn is a great social media platform that enables companies to generate high quality leads in a cost-effective and highly targeted way. Here’s some thoughts on the benefits of using LinkedIn:

1. Variety – Access to Niche Industries

Having 187 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn allows businesses to access a highly diverse selection of experts in one place. You name an industry, and it has several active discussion groups on LinkedIn.


2. Depth – Statistically Optimised Targeting

LinkedIn also provides powerful statistical insights that enable filtering groups according to particular business needs. Are you targeting senior-level Dublin-based sales people working in Arts and Design? You’ll find appropriate group to join.

3. Results – Quality leads
The platform also enables filtering the leads as it provides comprehensive insights into individual and company profiles. One or two clicks away you’ll find out the occupation, experience, education and network of a potential lead, as well as their company size, industry and location.

Have you found new business partners and clients on LinkedIn? Why not share your experience in comments below? 

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