3 creative award winning Facebook campaigns

Whilst there may be a lot of talk in the social media world about Facebook losing its way and users proliferating to other platforms, it is still the big juggernaut – generating unrivaled engagement and reach for brands across the globe.

The winners have recently been announced for the Facebook Studio Awards 2013, judged by a prestigious panel (called the Facebook Creative Council), comprised of members from McCann, AKQA, Publicis and Buddy Media. Take a look at 3 of the best from the 2013 winners and shortlist:



For the movie launch of  Seth McFarlane’s first film (creator of Family Guy) Universal utilised a  network of 23 partner pages including Family Guy (50 millions fans), Scarface (7.5 million fans) and The Office (10 million fans) to extend the reach of memes and other great visual content. Ted-e-grams were also featured on the Playboy Facebook page (7.6 million fans). Fans were engaged through the “wild night with Ted” Facebook app which allowed users to create custom photos that were edited in the app, which integrated a photo gallery, voting and weekly competitions.

The Ted Facebook page generated over 7.5 million fans and engagement levels reached millions on a daily basis during the peak of the campaign. The memes distributed through the partner pages generated a whopping 30 million impressions! Over 160,000 images were created on the “wild night with Ted” Facebook app, and a total of 125,000 images were shared. In addition, the Talking Ted mobile app which was pushed via Facebook reached over 10 million downloads.

Nike Academy


The Nike Academy set out to narrow the gap between aspiring amateurs and the professionals. The mission was to give late-developing and unlucky kids a second chance to hit the big time, scoring a professional contract.

An on-site social media team at the Academy HQ at Loughborough University center of excellence gave 24/7 access to the aspiring professionals’ journey by creating a wealth of content, proliferated through the academy Facebook page.

The community grew to over 250,000 fans, a rate increase during the campaign of 260%. The Academy films amassed over 3 million views! Above all else, 10 Academy players have signed professional contracts as a result of the program.

Grey Poupon – society of good taste

 Grey Poupon mustard is for those of discerning taste. In the brand’s bid to help people celebrate good taste an application was created which would assess a user’s tastes based on their grammar, education, cities visited, books read, restaurant check-ins and more to define their membership to the exclusive club.

This quality over quantity approach saw users who did not “cut the mustard” removed from the page! A very unique approach. Those who made it into the highest percentile got access to member-only-benefits such as gift cards, books and merchandise.

The result was a super-engaged, super fan  community made up of members with “good taste”, the ideal target audience for the brand. Full marks for being so bold and flipping what is so often a numbers game completely on its head!

See all of the winners and those shortlisted or take a look in more detail and review the galleries and video content.

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