3 ways Everything Everywhere uses LinkedIn to its benefit

LinkedIn has become the corporate equivalent of Facebook. It is difficult to find a major brand that still has not activated its presence on the platform. And yet, being on LinkedIn is not the same as using it to its full potential. Everything Everywhere ticked at least 3 boxes of successful LinkedIn usage. Let’s explore how…

1. Content

It may be obvious but nevertheless worth highlighting: customers follow brands that regularly produce thought-provoking content. Plus, the more often a firm updates its page, the greater the aggregate number of people who’ve been exposed to the brand’s messaging. In other words, regularity increases reach. EE update their page regularly, and there is a variety of content topics: recruitment announcements, product reviews and Q&As for business customers.


2. Community

LinkedIn makes it easy for businesses to grow thriving industry-specific communities around their brand name. Undoubtedly, groups are one of the strongest lead generation and nurturing elements of LinkedIn, providing firms with non-intrusive opportunities to listen and engage with their target audience. EE are building a thriving community around the brand not only by having a separate LinkedIn group, but also by linking to it from the company page.


The group has attracted a diverse and growing community:


3. Thought leadership

Finally, LinkedIn provides opportunities for industry-specific thought leadership. An increasing number of firms are realising the potential of authentic messaging that can be communicated by individuals from the “Influencers” section. Customers are sceptical of corporate, impersonal messaging, and increasingly value authenticity. EE’s CEO Olaf Swantee has attracted more than 30,000 followers. He posts regularly on such topics as advertising, connectivity and innovation, producing content that is in line with other EE’s activities such as the Future Thinking group.


To conclude, LinkedIn is much more than a mere recruitment platform. It has a powerful potential to attract, engage, convert and keep customers, business partners and employees. The tool is there, but are you using it to its full potential?


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