4 key metrics to measuring your social campaign


Measuring the success of a social media campaign has become more and more sophisticated, it’s not just about the traction on social media, but also the next steps to site side.

Gone are the days when a website and social media was simply there to look great. Today, websites and social behaviour hold the key to truly getting to know your audience and finding what really makes them tick.

Don’t know where to start when analysing your audience? Here’s four key metrics you need to review and analyse:

  1. Website traffic

It’s important to monitor how much traffic coming through to your website. If the thousands link clicks from social is not adding up to the number of visitors on your website then there’s a problem! Analyse deeply the dips and spikes in traffic to fully understand why those spikes have occurred and how to benefit from these trends.

  1. Sources

To optimise your website and marketing efforts, you need to know look deeper when analysing the number of website visitors. Spend time looking at the numbers and learn where your audience is coming from.

Understanding your sources will help you paint the full picture of activities on your website and help you decide the areas you can improve upon. It will also help you identify what works with your followers and feed them with content they want to see.

  1. Bounce rate and average time on page

People may leave your website for multiple reasons, don’t take offence there’s always an answer! If you’re experiencing high bounce rates (above 80%) then it’s time to investigate why your fans leave at the door. Make sure to check the following before you click the go live button:

  • User interface and functionality – in other words, are the CTA’s clear? Is your website easy to navigate?
  • Visual design
  • Lengthy page load time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Accidentally clicking through to your site

Social media does a great job at luring your audience in, but does your website stack up?

When looking at average time on page, there’s one clear objective your looking for. The more people are interested in the page content, the longer they’ll stay on your website. Time on page is a strong indicator to whether your content is engaging. Treat them mean with teasers on social media and keep them keen with engaging content!

  1. Engagement and click through rate

Click through rates are important as a metric, they indicate that your social media content and messaging is compelling enough to spark interest and encourage action from your audience. It surpasses the awareness phase and encourages visitors to the destination of your choice.

Depending on your campaign objectives, engagement rate is also a key metric. It’s a great to measure the successful of your campaign and whether your audience are interested enough to react, share and comment on your content.

Both metrics are vital when justifying your vanity metrics, it provides the context you need to measure if your campaign is a success.

I’ll leave you with these key takeaways… Choose the right tools, invest time in analysing your data, know what you are looking for and act on the results!


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