4 ways to increase your CEO’s social media presence


The expertise, guidance and knowledge that CEO’s have to offer is invaluable! Tap into your CEO’s brain by putting them forward as ‘thought leaders’ on social media. Raising awareness for your business, attracting new potential customers and creating a community is the start of a long list of benefits.

Can you imagine having a community of fans hanging on your every word? The first step is to convince your CEO to embrace thought leadership online. It’s a platform to share their knowledge on a global stage without a big investment in budget and time.

  1. Be yourself!

Help your CEO find their online voice with social media training. You’d be amazed how active they will be once showed the ins and outs of each channel. Boost their confidence and encourage them to add a little personality to their social media profiles, the personal element is vital to success. Hearing the ethics, brand message and key USPs from your CEO’s voice will build a sense of trust and respect.

  1. Use their time wisely

If your booking time with the big boss, use it wisely and do your homework. Take the time to brainstorm key topics of discussions, find out what makes them tick and uncover your CEO’s passion.

Start the meeting by asking questions that will energise your boss. Finding out this information will help you stop relevant trends, conversations and fellow influencers. Equip your boss with the tools they need to take charge and lead the conversations online.

  1. It’s not all about broadcasting, build relationships

Building relationships is the key to success in the world of social media.  The competition is fierce and it can become very difficult to gain the attention of your potential customers. Sharing is caring but conversation is also key!

Ensure your CEO spends time engaging and interacting with their fans to stand out from the C-suite crowd. Relationships build trust and trust develops recognition. Keep your followers keen by saying hello every once and while. Share your thoughts and don’t forget to respond!

  1. With great power comes great responsibility

Businesses are going to need help to gain exposure and interest from potential customers. Recruiting top advocates within your business to promote services/products or share news from their social media profiles can be a powerful marketing tool.

Develop partnerships with your colleagues will give you the ability to reach out to a wider network of fans and boost your company’s presence in a busy industry.

Take that first step by booking a meeting with your top dog! You’d be surprised how much it will benefit your business.

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