5 Inventive ways B2B brands use Vine

Is Vine suitable for B2B brands? This is a good question, which I hear being raised over and over again. “Shouldn’t only food brands and celebrities use Vine?” – some may ask. A little investigation I did this morning reveals that, B2B brands can be equally creative Vine makers, and some do it really well.  It requires putting some thought to it, creative brainstorming and professional delivery.

B2B brands that succeed with their Vine marketing, foster engagement, raise awareness and extend their marketing reach. And they do much more than merely publish cute pictures of animals (tempting though it is!):


1. Showcase your office culture
Vine provides a great opportunity for B2B brands to provide an insight to their day-to-day work through showcasing the office culture. See how Vine themselves have done it brilliantly:



2. Provide highlights from events

Events provide brilliant excuses to tweet more, increase engagement and significantly boost the reach of B2B campaigns. Vine can play a supportive role in this process, allowing companies to show a couple of interesting insights from events. See how Adobe did it:

3. Celebrate industry-specific occasions

Depending on your industry, specifics of your products and the peculiarities of your target audience, Vine can be a useful tool to draw attention to interesting holidays or special occasions. General Electric used the infinity of Pi (celebrating the Pi Day) and Vine’s infinite loop to do exactly this:

4. Launch new products

Is your product tangible? Even if not, can you somehow visualise it? You can show it on Vine. See how HP did it really well:


5. Yes… animals.

MailChimp can get away with showing cute animals on their Vines. Go on then!


Thanks for inspiration and good tips to the following articles:

Have you come across other interesting B2B Vine case studies? Share in comments below!

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