5 LinkedIn group stats you need to know

Activity in LinkedIn groups shows absolutely no signs of slowing, even with the platform’s emphasis on a content rich update feed.  When Facebook made this move with their series of  news feed updates, the groups eventually went, but it doesn’t look like they will be going any where fast on LinkedIn…

LinkedIn groups provide an excellent opportunity to join a community of like-minded professionals around a specific topic, industry or discipline.  They are also hot beds for potential prospects and regular activity in groups can provide excellent results, building your personal profile as well as driving traffic and awareness of your content.

Here are 5  big groups stats for you to get your teeth into, just click to Tweet:

LinkedIn now has over 2 million groups

8000 groups are created every week on LinkedIn

Every minute there are 200 conversations happening in LinkedIn groups

People who engage in LinkedIn groups get 4x more profile views

The average LinkedIn user joins 7 groups


 © Daria Axelrod Marmer via LinkedIn

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