5 Steps to Driving Your Social Media Engagement

The importance of social media is difficult to overestimate- In the UK alone, social media ad spending is projected to reach £5.2 billion in 2021 and increase to £6.5b by 2025. Effective use of social media can not only increase brand awareness but can also boost conversions and company profits. In today’s blog, we discuss how to drive social media engagement to achieve business growth.

Why is Social Media Engagement important?

Engagement is crucial in the world of increasingly crowded social media. When a visitor takes action, instead of passively browsing the platform, they’re telling you that your content is providing value. The number of likes, shares and comments is the easiest way to understand whether your social media strategy resonates with the audience. Driving engagement always requires creativity, consistency and a unified effort from the marketing team.

  1. Develop buyer personas

A buyer persona is a detailed research-based representation of your target audience. Understanding your ideal audience and relating to them as human beings is crucial in earning engagement.

To build your audience you should define the following

  • Where the buyer lives
  • Buying motivations
  • Relationship status
  • Interests
  • Their age and gender
  • Educational level, job title and income
  1. Create attention-grabbing headlines

Headlines are as important as the content itself, and there are many ways to do this.

  • Use impressive insight/statistics right in your headline
  • Use humour in advertising
  • Shock or surprise with a fascinating headline
  • Start with “How to” or negatives such as “The Top 5 Worst Social Media Tactics”
  1. Consider asking customer-centred questions

To create engaging content you should genuinely care about your customers. Consider asking yourself questions like

  • What value does the content bring for the audience?
  • What issues can you help to solve?
  • What content can encourage and inspire?
  • If the content grabs attention/ stands out?
  • Would you personally engage with this content?
  1. Join question and answers sessions

Consumers demand queries and questions to be responding almost instantly. Taking part in Q&A sessions is an effective way to bring value to the customer and drive impressions. Offering relevant answers helps your brand to be seen as helpful and spark discussion with potential customers.

  1. Post visual content

Visual content generates 94% more views and higher returns such as followers, likes, shares, visits, clients, and revenue. Visual trends vary across different generations. Among Gen X people, animals and pets are the most popular visual content. Both Gen X and Baby Boomers love to post and share memes and funny images as well as just cute cats and dogs. Cartoons were one of the most popular pieces of content posted by Gen Z and Millennials. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the popularity of anime and manga increased exponentially.

Social media has become incredibly crowded. As a result, the visibility of your brand will be low unless you have an actionable content strategy. Contact immediate future today and we will help you to stay ahead of trends and develop the most effective social marketing strategy for your brand.

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