With 2015 drawing to a close, there will no doubt be many articles over the next few weeks covering the biggest digital trends of 2015 and making bold predictions for what lies ahead. Before all of this happens though, we thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the strangest and wackiest social media trends of the past 12 months.

Whilst they may not change the landscape of social media or the world of technology, they do remind us that the internet can be an unusual place, and that we shouldn’t be surprised by anything that 2016 throws at us:

Instagram babies

When naming your newborn child, would you turn to Instagram to gain inspiration? Recent results from the annual Baby Names Survey revealed that there’s been uplift in youngsters sharing the same name as Instagram filters. That’s right. Lux, Ludwig, Reyes, Valencia and Juno have all seen a rise of more than 25%.  Expect this trend to continue.

Extreme Phone Pinching

Do you have an inner daredevil but perhaps don’t fancy throwing yourself out of plane? Maybe your phone should be the one facing danger and death. #ExtremePhonePinching is when someone dangles their phone over a dangerous drop, holding onto it using only their thumb and forefinger.

Now that’s crazy. Check the hashtag to see more videos containing balconies, drains and cliff edges.

Plastic Bag Selfies

Are you a fan of both selfies and fashion? Well, teens in Taiwan decided to combine the two and post selfies wearing plastic bags. Wearing only plastic bags. Credibility supposedly increased by using bags from specific convenience stores. Our fingers are crossed than this doesn’t become popular in the UK!

Condom Challenge

You may be remember the online drinking craze Neknomination, and the criticism it received for encouraging dangerous and irresponsible behaviour. The latest craze being criticized is the #CondomChallenge, in which water-filled condoms are dropped onto people’s heads, causing a “fish-bowl” face. Concerns over safety and suffocation have been raised, but this trend has built momentum towards the end of 2015.

Glitter Beard

Let’s finish on a festive note. If you have a beard which you’re proud of and you’re also a big fan of Christmas, what better way to get into the festive spirit by decorating your beard with glitter? Many guys (some would say hipsters) have taken this approach and the results are often startling. Of course, these photos are then shared across social media. See for yourself – #GlitterBeard.

Who knows what creative trends will take off in 2016? All that we do know is that they will definitely continue, and will create a split opinion on whether it’s worth taking part – or if they’re just too odd for words.

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