5 tips for making an amazing Vine

Although Vine is still a relatively new app, it has shown that it has clout with brands and advertisers in a short period of time. Vine is a mobile app that lets you shoot six-second videos, or Vines, to share on social networking sites. With brands continuing to utilise the app, take a look at Annie’s five tips for making an amazing Vine:

1) Have a clear message


The unique aspect of Vine is the fact that you only have six seconds to make your point. Having a clear message and structure to your video is essential to making a good recording. For example Nintendo uses Vine as a teaser to preview future products to fans.

2) Tell a story


Even though you only have a short amount of time, it is possible to tell a story over Vine. For their Valentine’s day campaign Tropicana cleverly utilised Vine by showing a brief love story between oranges, finishing with a Happy Valentine’s Day message.

3) Be creative and entertaining

The whole point of Vine is to be as visual and creative as you possibly can within six seconds. Brands need to remember that if you want your Vine to have viral potential then it has to be unique and entertaining!

Look at these winning Vines from the #6SecFilms competition earlier this year for inspiration!

4) Engage Your Followers in Conversation


At its core Vine is a social media platform; this means brands should take the opportunity to get engagement from their audience. A great way to integrate Vine with social is to ask your audience a question via Twitter and then show them the answer through Vine.  For example, book retailer Simon & Schuster used Vine to engage with their fans by asking them what they were reading over the weekend.

5) Utilise the loop feature


Although this may not be a popular aspect of Vine the fact is that all videos automatically loop. The infinite loop forces you to be more creative with your video’s ending as you have to try to find a way of smoothly transitioning the ending and beginning of your video. Brands can utilise the loop feature if their brand name is mentioned in the video, garnering continued exposure.

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