5 tips of social media housekeeping

The accounts you follow are a huge reflection of your business’s social media strategy. Associating with accounts that have nothing to do with your industry, target audience, or the products/services you offer, will make your strategy look random, disorganised, and possibly even spam-like. Today we’re looking at how you can keep your social media following squeaky clean:

1. Unfollow inactive accounts. They just bulk up your following count.
2. Your number of followers should be higher than the number of accounts you follow.
3. Follow only accounts that are relevant to your industry and strategy.
4. Try creating Twitter lists to categorise the accounts you follow.
5. Avoid following controversial accounts – that might provoke negative reactions towards your business.

Cleaning up your followers and following will also help you stay on top of the algorithms and invisible likes. If you’re unsure about which accounts you need to follow on social, don’t sweat it! Work with an experienced partner like us – contact our team today

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