5 Ways Social Listening Helps to Successfully Handle Social Media Complaints

Internet and social media have transformed consumer habits and allowed us to easily shop and gather information from a global marketplace. 50% of customers share their reviews and service experiences online and it is now expected for brands to use social media as a customer service channel. According to Qualtrics, 93% of customers say that online reviews have an impact on their purchasing decisions. To remain competitive, businesses need to take a customer-centric approach to track and manage customer complaints proactively. In today’s blog, we discuss what role Social Listening tools play in delivering superior customer service and streamlining the complaint handling process.

1. Understand what Social Networks you should focus on

To define the most relevant social media channel you should not only understand the demographics of your audience but observe what channels your audiences are currently most active on. In this instance, there are cases when your audience demographics are on Facebook, however, Instagram is receiving more customer service interactions.

2. Use Social Listening to track all channels at once

Social Listening allows you to track brand mentions across all channels, even those that you don’t own. Having a complete coverage of forums, reviews sites and untagged social mentions can help you to identify potential issues, crises to inform business strategies.

3. Use Social Listening to proactively respond to customer queries and complaints

There is a direct link between customer satisfaction and the speed of your response. Having a complete coverage of various channels allows tracking mentions in real-time to proactively respond to complaints.

4. Utilise Social Listening to better understand Competitor Customer Service Issues

40% of customers say that they will switch to a brand that has better customer service than their competitors. Tracking competitor issues allows identifying unexpected opportunities and potential issues.

5. Identify positive reviews and use user-generated content to promote your brand

Social Listening helps to effectively find positive reviews that can be shared on your official channel. UGCs are quite effective in improving your brand perception and often go viral.

Social media is now one of the major customer service channels. To remain competitive, businesses must proactively track and manage social media reviews. Contact immediate future today if you’re looking to implement a Social Listening Strategy to streamline the social media complaint handling process.

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