5 ways to boost your TikTok marketing this year

In 2023, TikTok solidified its position as a leading entertainment provider with over a billion users engaging in clips, music discovery, and trend insights. While TikTok’s expanded eCommerce listings have yet to gain traction, data suggests untapped potential for brands. Today, we’re looking at five tips for a successful TikTok strategy to implement in 2024:

  • Research competitors

Conducting competitor research is essential for any social platform as it allows you to set up benchmarks for your strategies and gain insights into how others in your industry are achieving success.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with your competitors and check their TikTok profiles to understand their performance metrics. This way you can evaluate the content they share on the platform and see what you can do better than them.

A helpful tool is TikTok’s Creative Center as it offers top-performing content related to brand category, product, hashtags, and other parameters. This will provide valuable data to inform your own approach and enhance your competitiveness on TikTok.

  • Research top-performing ads

You can delve into the performance of advertisements through TikTok’s “Top Ads” listing. Choose your region and product category, and TikTok will present the top-performing promotions, allowing you to further filter by promotion type.

This information is essential for your strategic planning, providing insights into effective strategies within your industry and highlighting what connects with your audience.

  • Research hashtags

It’s true that hashtags have lost some of their influence in driving conversation trends due to the evolution of social platform algorithms. These algorithms can now interpret context from various post elements, diminishing the necessity for hashtags to categorise content in the same manner. However, hashtags still play a crucial role as a discovery factor, ensuring your content appears in relevant search streams within the app. TikTok’s “Trend Intelligence” feature allows you to explore relevant hashtags, filterable by industry. Choosing “New to Top 100” gives the latest trending tags in any category.

You can extend this trend analysis over the past three years, seeing how each tag has performed over time. This feature also provides demographic insights, related tags, top creators, and more.

  • Look at influencers

Given TikTok’s focus on entertainment, crafting engaging videos is crucial for optimal performance. Many brands collaborate with established creators for wider reach, though not mandatory. Familiarise yourself with top creators in your sector using TikTok’s trending hashtags or Creator Marketplace for insights and potential collaboration. This provides valuable strategies to enhance your approach.

  • TikTok’s AI ad tools

Like other social platforms, TikTok is actively exploring generative and conversational AI in various forms to enhance content creation. The new “Creative Assistant” chatbot in TikTok’s Creative Center provides valuable guidance, relevant links, and tools for your marketing efforts.

TikTok also features an AI script generator and has incorporated AI elements into its video editing platform, CapCut, refining content creation. With ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, heavily investing in AI, we can expect more innovative tools in the coming months.

TikTok is actively integrating AI tools, offering potential for innovative content creation. Mastering TikTok can also provide insights useful for other platforms like Reels and Shorts, making it a valuable investment to reach audiences spending substantial time on the app.

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