5 ways to engage your sales team with content

Do you create content that aligns with what your sales team’s expectations and needs are?

In many cases marketing and sales teams happen to not line up their activities which can lead to a disconnect in what the brand is communicating with them.

A recent study by Uberflip explores how sales leaders are using content and which are the pain points in the process. Here are some tips of the infographic and a full report here.

  1. Help sales find your content. 30% of respondents in the study say that they have to seek content for themselves. Implementing a central content strategy that helps salespeople locate content assets easily and quicker.
  2. Make more of sales’ favourite pieces. Sales teams want to see more stuff at the bottom of the funnel and not thought leadership pieces. Create more short form content – videos, blog posts, and news articles.
  3. Team up with sales to create the content they want. Loop salespeople in the process of developing new content, talk to them, and learn what they crave to see.
  4. Help your sales team to create more compelling content. Invest in content experiences software to spin up bespoke content. Tag and organise your content.
  5. Use data to help your sales team be more effective.

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