With the jump in Twitter’s share prices earlier this year, it seems that the social giant is going from strength to strength. Considering the playground of pundits and the cerebrally astute, how do brands cut through the rants and opinions and make the most of this platform? Here are 5 ways to get you on your way.

  1. Twitter chats

A great way for brands to start and own conversations. Hashtags are used to aggregate this content. Brands can pose questions and individuals, or other brands, can answer and engage.

  1. Have an authentic and engaging voice

Users have become fatigued with PR outputs and corporate ad campaigns. It’s essential that companies spend time creating platform personas with a tone of voice, humour and an immediately recognisable content type.

  1. Recorded and live videos

Algorithms across social media platforms are largely favouring video, so you need to invest in this media. Videos of up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds are permitted and can be set to play automatically as a user scrolls through their feed.

  1. Twitter Polls

These are particularly useful for businesses as they can be used to obtain customer insight around products or services. They generally have a high engagement rate, as they are simple and easy for users to submit.

  1. Follow the right people

Having followers isn’t enough for a brand; you actively need to identify industry thought-leaders and follow them on Twitter.

You can also learn about trends and breaking news this way and grow your community by engaging with their tweets. These individuals are likely to follow you in return which goes a long way in ensuring that your audience is a high-quality and engaged one.

By implementing each of the pointers on our checklist, your brand’s Twitter strategy will be robust, yielding long-term growth for your audience on the platform and fostering the right type of online community.

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