5 Ways To Use Live Video


Live videos are everywhere. This live trend started with Twitch, went to YouTube, jumped onto Facebook, then Instagram, and now Twitter is coming out with it’s native live streaming too (well done Twitter, you got there eventually).

So the tools are there. But how to use them? We have a few tips that will help boost the engagement on your page and connect with your audience. Brands often overthink how live broadcasts are delivered. The golden rule is: have fun with it and test things out.

Live video can now be broadcast directly from Twitter. (Courtesy of Twitter)



Starting simple with a straight-forward Q&A. You can do one behind the scenes before a show, you can just have your speaker sitting on a chair and answering questions.



Guess What

We love these – you have an artist drawing a secret item and your audience is guessing what that item is. Alternatively, you can have somebody unwrapping a present and people guessing what’s inside. The possibilities are endless.


Live show or presentation

Why not broadcast a whole show or talk? Brands often overthink this. And yes, you can go as big as Airbnb did with the Jungle Book, streaming interview from the red carpet but you can also go small and not overthink it. Just put your phone on a tripod and stream your presentation or an event like Chevrolet.



Tell us what to do

A little bit dangerous one but again, as long as you give people boundaries for voting, it can prove to be one of the most powerful pieces of content.  There have been countless examples of live streams encouraging people to suggest what a brand/individuals should do. Buzzfeed run a  Facebook live where they encouraged viewers to suggest dance moves people should try. They were flooded with comments and suggestions within seconds.



People love to vote. At least on social media. Live polls are not that hard to create and can be very fun for both the brand and the consumers. Whether that’s people voting on who dances better or whether ketchup is better than mayo, there are many things you can put against each other.

Image result for facebook live polls


So, get streaming!

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