6 steps to social media success

Social media is not a walk in the park. Any marketer can tell you that. There’s a lot of strategic thinking and planning that goes on behind the scenes (stating the obvious I know). But as brands continue to jump onto the social platforms, and sometimes ALL the social platforms, we’re seeing and hearing of a lot of mistakes. 

Now, every profile is different and success is found in many different ways, but it wouldn’t be our job if we didn’t try to help guide you down the path to success. So, let’s jump right in!

Get organised

Organisation is key. And yes, that relates to everything in life. But when it comes to social you need to be organised. Planning and processes will become your mantra and your lifesaver. Whether you’re planning for the long-term or the short-term, by implementing processes (tested of course) your life and way of working will become just that little bit easier.

Define your role and purpose

As I’ve mentioned at the start, lot’s of brands and businesses are now turning to social, especially after the world turned a little funky over the last 18 months (we’re getting creative with our explanations). But when creating a strategy, it’s important to consider your brand purpose and the role social will play to help your business goals. You need to consider what your audience wants and how you will add value to their lives. Stand out from the crowd, but in the right way. Feeds are noisy and you want to make a lasting impression but carefully consider how to approach this.

Understand and locate your audience 

Once you’ve defined your role and purpose, you need to tap into your audience. Get to know who they and where they are. If you’re a B2B business targeting decision-makers or boardrooms, do you really need to be on TikTok? Determine the demographics and personas of this audience to not only help your strategy but to help guide your content.


We’re stating the obvious, again, but your budget plays a big role in your success on social. Of course, this differs for every brand/business, but carefully consider how your budget is split and if there’s room for paid – take advantage of it. Using paid helps to boost your profile, increasing brand awareness and reaching new audiences, and here at IF it’s always something we strongly suggest is considered.

Objectives and measurements 

To be successful on social you need to know what success looks like. An understanding of data and the way you interpret it is a key trait for marketers. Each platform has training courses/videos looking at the specifics and insights, so it’s worth taking a look. So when it comes to determining objectives for the business, set business KPI’s and look back at your role and purpose to outline what success is to you. 

And last but not least, patience

Social is not a race. It’s a marathon. If you expect to see an instant ROI from your social campaign, then you will be disappointed. It takes time to build up your presence, getting into the right rhythm and determining your tone of voice and positioning on social, so patience is what you need.

Here at IF we’re always happy to lend a helping hand or chat over a coffee about your ideas, needs and more! So if you’re looking for help to succeed on social, or better yet, want to break the social boring – then get in touch!

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