6 tips to humanise your brand

What is humanising a brand? It’s giving your brand a personality, like it was a human being. Because at the end of the day, it is, right? There are humans behind every brand, and it’s very beneficial to show that human part to your potential clients on social media. At the end of the day, what people want in social media is to make meaningful connections and be “sociable”. Communication is key to reaching and getting closer to our audience and clients.

So, basically, humanising a brand means assigning it a personality that identifies it and presents it, making it unique and different from the others. In this blog, we give you 7 ideas, tips, and steps to humanise your brand (and sell it better, eventually) on social media.

  1. Know the public

It’s impossible to start creating valuable content for an audience we don’t know. It’s the first step is to connect with them and demonstrate accessibility. It’s important to know hard data -age, place where they live, socio-economic level- but also other softer ones, such as their interests, what they do, what they like to do, what do they care about, etc.

2. The public, protagonist of your communication

Instead of just sharing your content, make your audience engage with your brand through polls, open questions, and surveys.

3. A brand with identity and sincerity

Each brand has to have its profile, personality and purpose. And you have to tell it as it is, with transparency and sincerity. An effective way to do this is to show the behind the scenes, the day-to-day and “the team” or the people behind the brand. We are not robots, and let people know it.

4. Share the brand experience

In addition to making your customers’ and followers’ stories part of your story through interaction and engagement, they can also be exclusive protagonists of your content. Encourage your followers to tell something about your brand, your products, or services. The reality of their experience with you.

5. Join positive causes

Join campaigns and causes aligned with your ideas and thoughts. Once you know your audience, getting involved in good causes and sharing it with them will surely bring you closer and they will identify much more with you.

6. Honesty, commitment, and humour

Transparency and genuine communication also have to do with delivering relaxed communication that includes a certain level of humour when generating content and interacting with your audience. Put a smile on their faces!  

Humanising the brand means creating a connection with our audience and the community that we want to generate around our brand. It is telling it through an emotional story that reaches the audience we want. By doing this, we will be closer to them, we will be able to identify them, and they will be able to identify and differentiate us better than the competition. If you want to know more about this, contact us now!

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